Shaving my vagina

When I shave my vagina I can’t seem to make it completely smooth. I got really short hairs that are really sharp! Even when I use a new razor. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Answer #1

When I Shave Mine The Opposite Direction It Bleeds. And Im Too Scared To Get It Waxed, It Would Hurt Like Hell. I Tried Hair Removal Cream and It Really Stunk Like Crap. Mine Like Grows Over Night, It’s Really Annoying,

Answer #2

get a hot wax from a proffesional, prefferably one that has no issues with doing a full brazzilian, as your goodies are gonna be in view if you want everything clean.

dont do cold wax/sugar wax kits (such as nads) for this particular area.

shaving your inner thighs and labia is NEVER a good idea, even if you are not prone to bumps and ingrown hairs. hair removal cream is ALSO A BAD IDEA, this skin is sensitive, and this hair is coarse, the time you would need to leave the cream on to get clean smooth skin could prove disasterous. it is not worth the risk.

after several waxing sessions at a salon you will notice it does not hurt or scare you nearly so much, and eventually you will be able to give yourself a very good hot wax treatment at home with great success.

I reccomend the sally hanson brazillian formula kit, it is by far my favorite.

Answer #3

are you meant to shave down below? I shave on the top but in the ‘lips’? what if I cut it there? :S

Answer #4

use veet or nair

Answer #5

use a mans razor and shave in both directions, that’s what I do!

Answer #6

try shaving the way the hair grows, but towards you. also get it really really wet with water and put soap on it really good then get a NEW razor and shave it under the water

Answer #7

I don’t like to shave it cause I get bumps and I don’t wanna wax cause itl hurt…I use the new razor with the buzzer on the other end it doesnt give you bumps and you cant get cut

Answer #8

It is better to get it waxed it hurts only for one second and lasts for 3 weeks (no hair appears in 3 weeks)

Answer #9

hi there ! I’m a somatologist student and I recommend laser hair removal or electrolysis. It is a much convenient way of hair removal and is permanent according to the stage of the hair growth (Hair needs to be in the active stage of growth.). It may be painful but gets the job done. Shaving removes superficial layers of the skin and to shave in the vaginal area where skin is highly sensitive can be traumatic to the skin. Make sure you go to a professional for permanent hair removal. take care

Answer #10

I am way to scared to get it waxed! =X use veet. It is very recomended and I love having a soft vag =P

Answer #11

First, before I answer your question, let’s make your question logical, rational and correct instead of the way it makes you look now which is ignorant, stupid and uneducated, okay?

The outer part of your sexual organs is called the VULVA which has 2 large “lips” called the labia majora. The inside canal that leads to your cervix and uterus is called the VAGINA. So, that being the case, here is your answer…your pubic hair is there for a reason. While it doesn’t actually “lubricate” your body like an oil or lotion would, it does allow your thighs to move about and have a barrier between your thighs and your torso.

Shaving your vulva is only a temporary thing you need to keep doing to maintain that smooth look and feel for a short time. That is also an area that gets warm for many reasons and could cause you to have more than usual infections, ingrown hairs and yeast infections as well. I believe it is best to keep your pubic hair short as nature will continue to grow it back time and time again.

Some things in life you just can’t change so you might want to get used to the way nature was, is and will always be. As far as waxing goes, it’s your vulva, your life and your money so you know what’s best for you. Good luck in your decisions!

Answer #12

If you exfoliate well, there will be no razor bumps or ingrown hair. You can’t exfoliate after shaving, but it must get down the day after and every day you shower after. When we exfoliate we unblock those poors that will cause problems, with shaving those private areas.

For those who think getting Bazilian Waxed is painful, you must find the wax that best works for you. Waxing should be a PAINLESS experience. NEVER USE HARD WAX OR STRIPS. NEVER go to a place that recycles the wax. For private areas, you should ONLY be using GREEN WAX, it reduces irritation, and redness. Extremely effective for short hair, shaved hair and coarse hair. It also removes hair from the root decreasing the incidence of in-grown hairs. I live in the Orlando area and get waxed at a place in Orlando called Depiwax Orlando @ 2941 East Colonial Drive Orlando, Fl 32803 (407) 895-0816. Check there website out:

Answer #13

My hair grows back so fast. How do I get it to not grow so fast without gettin a wax? Can someone help me?

Answer #14

maybe you should try and wax im sure it wont hurt much

Answer #15

try hair removal cream for a smooth feel

Answer #16

Do the go against the hair thing..use a MAN’s razor they shave much closer..and if you get shaving bumps..a little trick I learned..use stick deoderant on it and the bumps go away in about 15 everytime! Good luck

Answer #17

mine is sharp to its embarrassing my boyfrind dont like it and I don’t know I cant afford a new blade all the time and a wax I think bout thatt to but I live in duncan dont know were to go and feel funna with sum stranger is looking down there everytime I need a wax

Answer #18

trim it 1st with sissors, then I use a hair removal cream, this way you are incontroll where you want the hair left and you dont get a shaving rash which looks just minging, theres nowt worse than a red rash on a minge.

Answer #19

I use one of those electic shavers for women. They work wet or dry, I prefer wet. You don’t have to worry about bumps, razor burn, or getting cut. The hair doesn’t grow back for about 2 weeks and it leaves you really smooth. My boyfriend started shaving me with the electric shaver, now I love it!!!

Answer #20

I always use my boyfriend’s gillet razor. (why are guys’ razors better than womens??) .. anyway, when I lived with my grandparents, I used my nan’s Sally Hansen hair removal cream for the front part of my vajay and shaved the part between my thighs… cause that part don’t normally get bumps. (I need to buy some more Sally Hansen, haha) I also like using after-wax oil stuff. I got it in a wax kit..I think it was nair, I tried that but it didn’t work on that area at all, the hair is too thick I suppose… but don’t shave just once a week, ewww. I shave every single day.

Answer #21

Your not shaving the right way then. Try this:

-Always use a brand new razor -Shave while you are still in the shower - with the water hitting the area you are shaving -Use baby oil or baby oil gel to shave - it stays on in the water and makes you smoother -Shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth - that’s the only way to get a close shave -Only shave once a week to prevent shave bumps -Use lotion (nonscented) or Bikini Zone after shaving to help prevent shave bumps.

Answer #22

use hair removal cream!

Answer #23

Ew I actually done that too and it done the same thing. I’d use Veet to make it all go :)

Answer #24

smelly animals go NATURAL¬!!!

Answer #25

use nair to remove the hair off or get it waxed

Answer #26

ewh you shave that?EWHH.whats wrong with yew?

Answer #27

use veet

Answer #28

The easiast methode of shaving-first applying a shaving cream and lie on a bed then spred your leg maximum,take a shavingset then gently move it from lover part to the upperpart.don’t move over vaginacal opening.

Answer #29

shave while your taking a bath. Make sure its all under the water, and just start shaving. It doesn’t hurt at all and all the hair doesn’t clog your razor. :)

Answer #30

Just so you know, you can’t actually shave your vagina, partly because there is no hair there, and partly because your vagina is inside of you. What you are thinking of is your vulva.

Answer #31

Razors for men are the best, there sharper, and shave better without going over and over it, I use to get the burns, but then I used this product called bikini zone, that helps you not get them, after I shave it’s all smooth and I put ahloah vera, and you won’t get the bumps!

Answer #32

Sometimes, I get shave bumps and razor burn if I shave directly the opposite direction of the hair down there- shaving upwards, that is. I shave to the side and backwards on the lips to shorten up the hairs, add more conditioner (which I shave with) and THEN shave slowly but firmly in the opposite direction of the hair growth and it makes me shave extra close every time.

Answer #33

only other thought is to take a bath. lay in the water for 15+ minutes and it will soften everything up and allow a nice close shave

Answer #34

Better to wax with hard wax, doesn’t hurt nearly as much as you’d imagine. But must use hard wax and baby oil. just did mine and I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to be silky smooth. I go around all day wet and turned on.

Answer #35

regrowth hurts too much . I don’t shave there anymore .

Answer #36

I use a venus razor and shaving cream and shave it sideways, trust me it works well. :)

Answer #37

its better to get in a bath rather than a shower as if softens the hair and skin and using conditioner helps a lot

Answer #38

I keep getting bumps when I shave towards myself … what should I do. :/

Answer #39

Try waxing you will be amaze at first feels odd but after the 2nd time you will love it, smooth and clean for weeks, really worth it, you can do it , I use gigi wax Microwave, check it out and good luck!

Answer #40

use shaving cream and lie down on a bed with your legs open. it works every time for a close shave.

Answer #41

Just as a caveat – if you shave any hair in the opposite direction of the growth, you are at much higher risk for the hairs to become ingrown when they grow back.

Answer #42

yeahh and when you shave the opposite dirrection. you have to go sloww or you will get cuttt…

Answer #43

I shave everyday in shower and I don’t get bumps. I shave in both directions.

Answer #44

Shaving in both directions can harm yourself and can cause even more problems such as skin irratation

Answer #45

I wait til my hair gets longishhh enough for it to not hurt as I shave it. in the shower I put some conditioner on it… it helps me.

Answer #46

shave it everyday not every week cause the hairs grow back really fast. I wld recommend waxing, im a beauty school student and I was shaving all the time, I just got a brazilian and its so smooth and clean id rather wax now. its guna hurt but waxing anywhere is gunna hurt!

Answer #47

I dont recommend that anyone shave the vagina. Get veet, or nair. Or get a wax. It hurts for a few seconds and then your smooth for weeks. Think of it this way, what happens if you accidently slip and cut your clitoris, or your vaginal lips(it happened to me). It hurts like hell and takes forever to heal. If I do have to shave I get my boyfriend to shave me, but even with that you have to have a lot of trust and make sure he/she has a steady hand. and oh yeah just because you have never had a razor bump, you can always develop one, and how terrible does that look to have bumps on your vag? Might ruin the moment for a guy/girl to see a bump in between your crevices.

Answer #48

Shave in the opposit direction of the hair growth. I do mine all over every day. I find that gillette Men’s razors are the best. I want to get waxed but I am too scared as it will hurt. Being nice and smooth is the way forward.

Ema x

Answer #49

for some reason my head hair is like super light blonde but my vage is like super black thik ugly hair and I hate it!!> unnesisairy comment lmao

Answer #50

I used to shave but waxing I think is the way to go! It stays smooth for so much longer, and the pain doen’t last for long :)

Answer #51

Im really stuck because I had my bikini waxed before I went on holiday which was fine but I wanted to shave again as its much better and its gone really funny, what can I do to not show the hair? please someone give me an answer

Answer #52

venus embrace it has 5 blades and the soft gelly stuff around the head of it my vag has been soft fer 3 days and im the type that it’ll grow back the same night

Answer #53

Wilkinson sword bikini line, trimmer & shaver! or venus embrace, 5 blades and a moisturiser, it also has a blade that goes with the curves whichis really helpful. when I shave my hair grows back pretty quick for example after two days of shaving I’l be spikey again! really anoying so I bought wilkinson sword bikini like which is a trimmer & shaver & I have to sey it works miracles! moiusturise after a shave aswell legs armpits & down there :)also my dad uses the 3 step shave thing from gillette, when you put a lotion on before shaving, during & after! really helps I feel so much cleaner & smoother aswell! everyone is different so one shaver could be good for one person but not for the other, so just experiment & remember practice makes perfect :) ahaa.

Answer #54

I tried waxing, made me bleed! Tried creams, gave me a rash, shaving is the only thing that works for me, but it grows back fast and is very painfull if I can’t find the time to shve off the stubble.I whish I had just kept it trimmed and never started shaving. The crap we go through to be more sexy for our lovers is rediculous!!!

Answer #55

Oh gosh, it’s a problem everyone sees! I guess, you go the way that works best for you :) I like sitting in a hot bath, relaxing my mind, thinking about my lover;) and then getting a close shave with a men’s razor. It works for me!:)

Answer #56

Oh gosh, it’s a problem everyone sees! I guess, you go the way that works best for you :) I like sitting in a hot bath, relaxing my mind, thinking about my lover;) and then getting a close shave with a men’s razor. It works for me!:)

Answer #57

Oh gosh, it’s a problem everyone sees! I guess, you go the way that works best for you :) I like sitting in a hot bath, relaxing my mind, thinking about my lover;) and then getting a close shave with a men’s razor. It works for me!:)

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