Guys, do you like shaved or trimmed vaginas?

do you boys or girls like girls to have a shaved vagina or no you mind havin a bit of hair or like trimmed.
need to know for ma boyfriend lol, what do you think guys ;) x

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Trimmed, shaved kind of creeps me out a bit.

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Well trimmed is good...shaved for some reason is a little crazier...hotter...maybe dirtier in a sexual way...specially cause I like to go down there a eat...

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shaved please, a little hair down down isnt bad, as long as its not a forest

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Trimmed is good but shaved is better for some reason is a lot hotter.

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haha ^^
okay thanks people (: I think ill just trimm but realy close lol x

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my man likes trimmed he likes just alittle hair dwn there.

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