What are ways to shave your vagina?

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what happens if you got the razer in the vigina

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Don't shave against the grain! shave with it....downwards or sideways. This avoids ingrown hair and irritation. Use mild hydrating soap, avoid fragrance and color. Invest in a good razor blade.

Is nair good to shave your vagina with?

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dont ever shave without shaving cream. Dont use soap that might cause the razor bumps

Vagina shaving
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There is this stuff called "coochie cream" and another type called "kitty cream".

you can use it on all areas (even you guys! my man loves it)

It leaves you all nice and silky smooth and makes it easier to shave.
No razor burns EVER!

**Found at local porn shops =P**

Do you shave your outer vagina when shaving bikini lines?

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Use Hair conditioner,itll get you a closer cut and reduce razor bumps
Shave up,not down.
Make sure the area is wet

How often do you girls shave your vagina to keep it smooth.
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shave in the shower and dont shave with no soeap

How do you shave the lips of your vagina?

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Make sure the shower is very warm, but not burning (duh). Hot water makes hair softer and easier to shave. Just go slow and hold different areas taut so you avoid cutting yourself, which sucks.

Afterward, put on a very mild lotion. No colour, no fragrance.

everytime I shave my vagina I get bumps?

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