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What are your opnions or what you believe after death?

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For those who have accepted the free offer of Salvation through Jesus Christ, His word says 'to be absent from the body is to be present with Him' in Heaven...Take care !!

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Search life after death on the web.. Like Google it.. Plenty thoughts and beliefs.. The most interesting one is.. We are all part of one force that needs to be replenished.. We are born.. a tree a bird, a disease.. what ever.. when we die we just rejoin that force.. and so it continues.. No Heaven.. no Hell..

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Dunno, I'll ask God when I get to heaven

painless death?
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if you were good in life you will be rewarded with peace & comfort. If you were bad in life every part of you will be tortured...mean and evil hugh, it's just my opinion.

Death's Victory

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I believe that if you didn't learn your lesson then you're sent back to learn it again.

I know that other people don't believe in reincarnation so I'm stating it right now... It's an opinion do not jump down my throat for an opinion.

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We go HOME...not to our house, but to our HOME...where we started out on this journey called life.

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there is heaven and there is hell and muslims will go to heaven

Does death come in threes?
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we die and THATS IT, NOTHING ELSE. our relatives do what they want with our bodies(and spend a hell of a lot of money doing it). the electrical charge that our bodies generates, some people call it the soul, disappears. It gets tranfered to the nearest objects and it keeps going. it has no life it is just electricity.

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I believe there is an after life. I am way into paranormal!!!

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