Who would be willing to share some of the extreme stories from when they had an eating disorder?

If you have had an eating disorder, any type, i am curious to hear of the extreme stories that people went through if you feel comfy sharing.

Answer #1

For me it started when I used to dance, although it probably had to do with school and parents as well. We’d have these recitals where we would get costumes made, whenever the woman would get my measurements she’d always comment on my stomach and/or tell me to tuck in my tummy. My parents, unintentionally joked about my stomach a lot. Along with that, people at school always commented on my lack of cleavage. Just, pretty much everywhere I was there was someone making fun of my body. Funny thing was, I was never actually fat or even remotely overweight. I was well within the healthy range not even close to overweight. I began looking up ways to lose weight, I didn’t really follow any of them. I got obsessive over the food I ate. I would always cut them up into little pieces so it would feel like I was eating more while I was eating less. When I felt I wasn’t losing weight fast enough, I started throwing out the lunches my mom packed for my class, drinking water instead of eating. At dinner, I would hide my bowl so my parents wouldn’t see how much, or rather the lack of food in my bowl. I began drinking lots of green tea (I read it helped with diets), and when I got really hungry I’d eat a few grapes or pieces of fruit. I began to enjoy feeling hungry and enjoy feeling my stomach rumble from hunger. I’m 5’6 and the lowest weight I reached was around 75-78lbs. OH I was obsessed with monitoring my weight, I’d weigh myself at least twice a day, I had a book recording my weight each time. Anyways it definitely wasn’t healthy and I looked like a horrifying skeleton. People didn’t notice for a while because of my lack of self esteem I had always worn really baggy shirts and pants. I still didn’t feel good enough, I began purging the little I did eat. Honestly, I looked horrible, and I just didn’t see it at the time. I learned my lesson though, every single girl/boy is beautiful, I wish other people knew, I wish people weren’t so focused on looks. I know it isn’t exactly bad to want to improve the way you look, but people cling on to these things to make them look good, make-up, weight loss, clothes, people shouldn’t NEED these things to feel good about themselves. It just isn’t healthy nor true. And anorexia nervosa isn’t something easy to overcome either. I’m still trying to get better. As you have known, I’ve been binging on tons of crappy food recently, and just like you recently decided to eat healthy. Well the main reason was, I was gaining weight, almost reached 105lbs which I have never been since I began losing weight. I was fine with the gained weight for a while, but near burst into tears when my boyfriend’s mother commented on how good the weight on me looked. I tried starving myself yesterday :P but it didn’t work and I realized I was going to do something stupid again so decided I would eat healthier. But I’m just saying that, I still keep going through cycles of being happy with my weight gain and then freaking out. It definitely isn’t worth it. I wish I had seen that I wasn’t so entirely ugly or fat, I was really just fine.

Answer #2

I realize I totally ranted and I went all over the place XD

Answer #3

I am willing to share. I was 13 when it started, I had no control over anything in my life I figured well I can control wat I eat so that was the beiginning. Then a few months later I ended up in a in house treatment program and all that did was teach me how to do it better. After 3 months in thr and all the tricks I learned they had released me. Then I had to hide it from my parents by wearin bigger clothes so they wud think I was fine, about 4 months later I ended up passing out in school and was rushed to the hospital, where they referred me to another facility, so I had lost 60lbs in this 6 month time span. In the new facility they taught me even more tricks. This back and forth went on for another 5 yrs, in and out of facilities, gaining weight so I cud leave, to only go home with new ideas on how not to eat. When I was 17 I moved out on my own and things only got worse. I wud exercise till I was pukeing and passing out. I finally learned that that was no way to live. I was ok for about 3 yrs then the cycle started again. So to make a long story a little shorter, I still struggle to this day with it. When I can’t control anything in my life I have to tell myself I won’t always b able to control things and have to force myself to eat. Believe its not fun, but my mind says, hey this is something you can control, u know the not eatin, so that’s that. Any questions?

Answer #4

I love you.

Answer #5

I’m having an eating disorder right now.. It started in September when my boyfriend broke up with me. After that I slowly stopped eating. I ate one time a day or I didn’t eat anything at all. Soon I started getting skinnier than before(I was skinny even when I ate normally). Now I look awful. My body looks horrible…You can see my ribs, my arms are just bones and skin..My parents are trying to make me eat but I just don’t feel like eating. Few days ago my mom noticed that I’ve become even skinnier. I wish I could do something about it..I try to eat but I want to throw up after that. I don’t feel hungry at all…even if I don’t eat for days. Now I’m scared to look in the mirror because the person I see has nothing to do with me…when I look in the mirror I see a skeleton……

Answer #6

My entire life i have been overweight. After my parents divorce i packed on pounds and by the age 10 i was wearing adult woman’s pants that were size 18. I was constantly made fun of because of my weight and appearance and it drove me absolutely insane. I became severely depressed and all I did was eat to comfort myself. There were times when my mom would even ask me when i was expecting because i was the size of a pregnant woman. This summer i had enough of it and decided it was time I lost weight. It began out healthy i would eat about 1400 calories a day and exercise a little here and then. I was seeing results and was really happy but then i found Thinspo on tumblr and my self esteem was completely shot. Slowly i ate less and less while exercising as much as i possibly could. It didn’t help my boyfriend at the time said we couldn’t meet until i was 140lbs so i desperately wanted to be “skinny” and “beautiful”. Everything i ate made me feel guilty and every time i ate i would punish myself. I had a log of everything i consumed and i would cut myself for each thing i ate. I even cut fat into my stomach.There were times i tried to purge my food but i didn’t have a gag reflex. I ever tried toothbrushes,consuming salt water, cinnamon, and consuming toxic things like shampoo to make myself purge but it never worked. Come the beginning of December the only thing i would eat was celery. Then i ate absolutely nothing at all. I would drink green tea, water and coffee. I got to the point where everytime i stoodd up i began to black out. I had no energy and was falling about. I was so worried that if i ate anything it would just be stored as fat. I was forced to eat when i was with my boyfriend and the day after i too a whole box of laxatives. My parents eventually found out not long ago and i’m eating better now. I still eat less than 1200 calories a day but i feel much better than i did when i was starving myself

Answer #7

I’m not really sure what this would be called, but I have an eating disorder mixed with plain old forgetfulness. I was 5’4 and 121 pounds, and I wasn’t very happy with my weight at the beginning of the school year. Now anyone who knows me knows that I have everything wrong with me, practically (phycological insomnia, ADHD, asthma, and mal petit seizures are the ones I mostly angsted over) so it’s not that odd that I didn’t like myself. So I lost myself in video games like WoW like never before. I’ve always played a lot but I would lose myself for hours upon end, forgetting to eat in the process. After a bit less than a month I weighed 117 pounds and decided to starve myself. Other than my Red Bull addiction and drinking protein shakes religiously, I ate the bare minimum until I weighed 94 pounds. One day when dad was on an overnight trip I passed out while working on my homework from hunger. I was extremely lucky that I managed to wake up, I’m not sure what would have happened if I hadn’t woken up by the time dad got home. I’ve began eating since then, and now I weigh 112 pounds. It’s still hard sometimes, but I just have to focus on the fact that no matter what I think, I am NOT fat.

Answer #8

i am not willing

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