How can i hide that i'm a virgin from my boyfriend?

I told my friends and my boyfriend that im not a virgin but i actually am, how can we have s*x for the first time without me telling him. Should i finger myself or something? And please dont say i should tell him the truth

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i agree with the 3 above me ...being a virgin is one of the best things while a girl is young,,,and if he does really love you, he wont care...and maybe u should just wait a few more years.

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I wont say you should tell the truth...I'll say that if you're asking such a question, you shouldn't do it. I know 10 years seems like a long time but when you find the guy you're going to spend (hopefully) the rest of your life with, which could be as long as 10 years from now, you would be so glad you waited to do it.

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In my opinion, you are a coward. Cowards lie! Any girl that lies about not being a virgin, when she really is, is just plain dumb!

A girls virginity is her most precious gift. The size of a finger, and the size of a penis, differ greatly! You arent going to change anything by fingering yourself, because you will still remain a virgin! You should NEVER be embarrassed about being a virgin! Choosing not to have s*x is VERY mature. It would be immature to be pressured into something you don’t want! Or do it because all your friends are. You want to have s*x for all the WRONG reasons hun! You will regret it one day!

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i know you dont want to hear it, but yes you should tell him. if he really loves you, he wont care.

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Answer #3, don’t assume everyone asking this type of question is under 18, you know. Maybe later you’ll be rallying for the end of the human race through extinction by making everyone stop having sex.

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But yes, other than that, it’s up to you to decide.

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