Serious pet rat problem!


I really didnt want to ask this here… But… I got no one else to turn to…

Im saving up to buy him a new cage… And… Even with the money I do have… Its not nearly enough to take him to the vet…


Anyways… I woke up at 6 this morning… And saw a pair of pajama pants on the floor pulled into his cage and they were all chewed up. (he chews my clothes a lot.. And I mean a lot!)

And I got mad and said “zim! I swear im going to kill you!” and I look for him in his cage. And he wasnt in his hammock… And he was in the corner squeakign and squeaking and he was cleaning his tail and he was bleeding. And I had no idea what happened. And he came up to the side of the cage and tried climbing out. And I saw an 1 1/2 of his tail was missing and he was just bleeding all over!

And I went to open his cage and I saw the res of his tail on the floor outside of his cage and I wanted to throw up.. Because I mean.. This is my pet rat! What happened! And I walked out of the room and woke up my little sister almost crying telling her somthing was wrong with him.

And I brought his cage into the livingroom and she saw him and didnt know what to say.. And I still have no idea whats going on…

And we were trying to figure out what could have happened. And we thought maybe his tail was sticking out and a mouse came up.. But I scooped up his tail and put it in a baggie and we decided it wasnt a mouse because.. There were no teeth marks…

So maybe he got his tail stuck in the door.. But… Then we realized the door isnt tight enough to pull it off.. Plus it was like 3 in. Away from the cage. So.. That was a no…

I dont know what to do.. My mum woke up, and asked me if I accidently shut his tail in the door when I was going to sleep… And I know I didnt because I put him in thru the top of his cage.. If I did it would have fallen in the cage.. Not next to it…

And now its like… 20 hours later… And hes not eating much.. But stille ating.. and hes drinking a little… and all hes doing is sleeping…

But… If he was in pain… Wouldnt he be squeaking?

I dont know what to do… All day I’ve been so nervous…

I dont know if hes going to die.. Or.. If hes in pain.. And.. I need to know what to do.. Im going to die… Because I have no idea what im doing and I dont want him to be in pain.. Please help me.. Now?


Answer #1

I’m sure the Vet will help you - even if it means a pay-plan.

Answer #2

Ok…I’m sure that rats have accidents in the wild…lose their tails by getting caught in things…or traps even…I imagine that he IS in pain…but what you need to do is to keep the wound clean…That means using peroxide, or maybe alcohol diluted with sterile (boiled water) mixed, and cooled…His cage will have to be kept immaculate…as long as he doesn’t get an infection, I’m sure this will heal up fine…

He might have lost a lot of blood, I don’t know how much is too much. He probably won’t be eating much for a few days, until he’s not hurting so much…but DO let him have all the fresh clean water he’ll take…


Answer #3

k, I took him to the vet… I had to beg my mum for money.hes got antibiotics. but he never lost a bone… the entire skin on his tail just came off…

gross much?

Answer #4

Rats in the wild are different then rats that are pets, dont listen to the person who wrote that comment. Honestly, get to a vet. Otherwise, your rat may die.

Answer #5

If the entire skin came off, that is serious, and sounds like he might need the rest amputated. Please call the vet about this!

Answer #6

Go to the vet. He’ll probably need a good course of antibiotics to ward off any infection.

Don’t forget, there are bones in the tail, all the way down. Your rat has lost part of their body, and broken a bone on top of that. He’s not going to be happy. Get him to the vet first, and pamper and spoil him rotten, the poor baby. It’s not life threatening, but it’s not something to toy with either :(

Answer #7

When my first rat was really young, she was playing with another rat and I dont know exactly what happened but as far as I know the other rat bit the end of my rats tail off. ANyway, the last like centimetre was down to the bone and bleeding. (the rest was fine) My sister rang the vet and the vet just told us to keep it really clean and wash it with salty water and the end of it should fall off. If it doesnt fall off within a week or so, take it into the vet. So I kept her in a really clean cage and bathed the end of her tail in salty water (warm water with just normal salt) a couple times a day and eventually the end went black and fell off. She’s fine now..

You do need to go to the vet. I had a rat who only lost skin on 1/4 inch of the end of his tail and I thought he would be fine. It started to heal but then for some reason he started to self mutilate and exposed bone. Four surgeries later we finally had the thing stitched up and healed. What we didn’t realize through the whole ordeal was how painful it must have been. I would talk to your vet about a tail amputation surgery, and then some good pain meds to take home for the first few days. We only used rimadyl after the first two surgeries and it wasn’t strong enough. Our rat continued to chew at his tail. Not until we used Buprenex did we get our rat to stop chewing and allow it to heal. Also you need to put your rat on some form of antibiotic to prevent an infection since you have a raw, unclosed wound for some period of time. If you put some time and effort into the first few days of healing everthing will go smoothly.

Answer #8

I have two male rats about a year old. One of them has recently shown to have a rash on his skin and his fur is not shiny anymore. He hardly moves and drags his back legs. I’ve tried giving him water but he won’t take any as I wondered if he was dehydrated. He can’t support his own body. What could be the matter.

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