What do you think is better, sending your child to school or home schooling?

Answer #1

To school, they have to learn to deal with people and other superiors sometime in their life, it’s muc hbetter starting young and understanding how the world works rather than figuring it out when you are older.

Answer #2

To school, they have to learn to deal with people and other superiors sometime in their life, it’s muc hbetter starting young and understanding how the world works rather than figuring it out when you are older.

Answer #3

I think it depends on the area your in. There are some school districts around here i would never send my children too because the lack of education and order in their schools. However, i feel that children who are homeschooled miss out on alot of social experience and memories. I think if the parents or tutor is qualified the children can recieve the same education, but they miss out on a bunch of social experience and alot of great memories and interacting with other children their age.

Answer #4

Honestly I would have to agree with mandyloo because a child who is homeschooled may learn the same things as a child who goes to school(maybe more) but he/she wouldn’t learn social skills and would most likely be socially akward and lost in the real world.

Answer #5

In my opinion, school is better. Yes, you can home-school and teach your child everything they would learn in school. But part of school is mixing with kids their age, learning friendship qualities, laughing, joking, running around, experiencing everything that a kid should- good AND BAD. People need to have experienced heartbreak, loss, regret, fear, guilt, and anger before they go into the big wide world when leaving school. Personally I don’t really agree with homeschooling.

Answer #6

Also, just to add to that, kids need to learn how to follow rules. Homeschooling tends to be lead by the child’s needs. If they want lunch at 11:30am, then so be it. If they need to go to the bathroom during ‘class’ then they can. They don’t have to follow the same set of rules as everybody else. They answer to nobody, there are no headmistresses patrolling the grounds at morning-tea. There are no uniforms to wear. It leads them to a false sense of security. That you can wear what you want, when you want, do what you want, when you want, and nobody will tell you off.

Answer #7

Sending them to school because it will be easier for them to make friends and socialize and it will also give them more knowledge because you would probably learn more at school!

Answer #8

School definately. To be perfectly honest, what I learned in school wasnt very important. I got to university and they basically told us to forget everything we had learned in school, because it had been simplified to the point where it almost wasnt correct. What I did learn at school was how to interact with people, and I think this is the most important aspect of school, along with learning discipline and study skills.

Answer #9

We homeschool our daughter for numerous reasons. My daughter is very bright but has ADHD, dyslexia, and dysgraphia. One of the advantages of homeschooling is time efficiency. Since we don’t waste time with transportation, going to classes, taking role, and having to slow down for the lowest common denominator of students we can cover in a couple of hours what takes kids in public school all day. She would have to be medicated a lot more to be focused and cooperative all day than the few hours she needs for homeschool. We caught her dyslexia and dysgraphia much earlier than public schools would; they generally don’t even test for it unless a child still isn’t reading by 4th grade while we started intensively remediation before 1st grade. Also, to save money on work books the schools in my area make kids copy questions to paper before answering them. This would be awful for my daughter since it would take her 10 times as long to copy them as other kids and she would fall further behind.

My daughter gets lots of opportunities to interact with other kids. She takes Tae Kwan do, Suzuki violin, guitar lessons, and takes classes at art school (a real one, not one where kids just play).

Truthfully, I see what the kids are like that go to our local schools. They aren’t exactly the sort of kids I want my daughter to be socialized with.

Answer #10

School. this way they have a chance to interact more and to get mixed with the world aout there so in the future, he/she is prepared.

Answer #11


Answer #12

Public School.. Home schooling is teaching your children your point of view.. ps school they get for the most part quality teaching and social skills

Answer #13

home schooling could be very horrible if u got arrogant one minded parents, like the type that will argue with u that the earth could still be flat.. enough said lol

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