why cant i send pple message on here?

it keeps saying oops there was a problem saving ur email

Answer #1

You haven’t gained that privilege yet…FunMail is restricted to users who have been here for a certain amount of time and have proven themselves a valuable member of FunAdvice society. Don’t despair - you aren’t far off from reaching that goal.

Answer #2

By the way - you can ask a user to FunMail them so you can respond if you really need to FunMail them.

Answer #3

i dont think its that cuz i used to funmail pple all the time and they would funmail me i was just using it this morning and a few days ago and the first day i got here

Answer #4

I’m actually surprised that you were able to before then, because you haven’t reached that level….I’ll check with Ericson and see if something was changed.

Answer #5

okke dkoee thank u:)

Answer #6

Never knew that was true Colleen……..or is it?

Answer #7

SERIOUSLY?! That’s weird O: I never knew that rule.

Answer #8

me niether i havnt been here that long and was able to send funmail as soon as i got here

Answer #9

Same here :P

Answer #10

Maybe cuz I’m amazing though :3 We’re just super duper cool.

Answer #11

Yes, it’s true, but it’s a recently implemented feature…you remember those spammers who kept sending inappropriate “email me and I’ll send you my photo” FunMails? This was incorporated to put a stop to that.

Answer #12

FINALLY!!! Colleen, tell Ericson and as well as you, THANK YOU!!!!

Answer #13

ooh but y r they doing it to me??? i never ask anyone to message me so i could show them my goods im confused

Answer #14

OMFG that’s amazing :3 Thanks Colleen! And yeah, tell Ericson thanks too =D

Answer #15

No Angelina, it’s not aimed at any specific person - it’s a general restriction for all new users…it keeps spammers from being able to harass members in FunMail…see, the idea is that no spammer is going to stick around long enough to be granted their privilege just so they can send someone FunMail.

Answer #16

wow… i didn’t know that, interesting… :-/

Answer #17

ooooh ok i get it so even tho ive been here for a month and i couple weeks is that still considerd new?

Answer #18

It depends on your activity…Angelina, can you try sending me a FunMail? Make sure you use my username (ichibanarky) , not my display name (Colleen) and don’t forget to put in a subject.

Answer #19

okkee dokee

Answer #20

i did it

Answer #21

problem solved ;)

Answer #22

yaaay thanx a bunch

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