When i send an email, how much personal information could the reciever potentially have acess too?

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usually just your e-mail address and your name and of course anything you may have on yur profile page such as your age and so forth.

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I know one thing-they can use your e-mail to look you up on Facebook. And if you don't have a protected Facebook profile, they could pretty much be at your house within an hour :/

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most people when they set up an email account, don't realize that putting your name on it isn't a good idea, cause it shows up on the recievers end. Depending on how much info about your personal life that you put onto your email address (name of street town etc) and if you put your actual name determines how much access a potential receiver has to your info.

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If i was you make separate emails. Like One Email address for your Facebook, Myspace, Tagged, etc.. people can look you up on these websites to see if you are using that email. So just play it smart

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Your street adress, phone number, and really personal info is never shown to the reciever unless you include it in your email. Neither is your age. Just your email adress and name. But the name only shows up if you have your settings to allow it, and sometimes only if the person adds you as a contact to their list. Personal info on signups is just their for the website and your record. Unless of course, your account was hacked.

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