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I just wanted 2 know what people thought. I'm always putting myself down for example I did an exam and passed it I should be happy but I know I can do better and its got to me but I've been like this for agers.. And its getting to me badly because I dont want 2 be like that... On monday I'm back in college should I speak 2 my tutor or an assistant atleast ?? And if so what will they do ??

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I had the same problem and went to see a counselor about it. I think speaking to your tutor or assistant is a great start. Good luck.

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I think that you should. You should just get off your gest everything, sometimes it seems like its a bother but really they are always there to help.

Andcome on! I know that we all have the caind of days were we just you know thinking that we are horrable but remember that sometime we have to believe how asome we are no matter what, and also believe in ourself before we expect someone to do it.
I myself use to be like that I use to put myself down all the time but I learned that I should have respect formyself before others.


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