Screaming + Singing?

So I really want to learn how to do screamo, but I really like clean singing aswell and I would like to be able to do both. How can I learn to scream like that? And how can I keep my “normal” singing voice aswell?

Answer #1

Screaming is only bad for you if you don’t know what your doing. As long as you do it right, it shouldn’t be a problem. Follow my tips for screaming and you should do just fine -

First off, there’s more to it than just screaming. You have to know HOW to do it and what things to do… or else you’ll fck up your vocal cords and sht. That wouldn’t be too fun now would it?

Screamo sounds really awesome when done right. My advice to you is just practice. You won’t sound EXACTLY like the bands who do screamo. Everybody who does screamo has their own unique sound. Just try to start out by testing different sounds and such… low, loud, in between. Each should have a different sound. DON’T PUSH YOURSELF. If your throat starts hurting or your voice starts slipping STOP. Don’t risk hurting your vocal chords. Keep a drink like water, gatorade or whatever you drink, handy that way you can get a drink in between screaming. This is an important thing to do to keep your vocal chords moist, that way your vocals chords don’t start getting dry. Be sure to take breaks from it too. Don’t keep practicing 24/7. Get a drink before you start, in between during your breaks from screaming and after you’ve finished for the day/night. Don’t try to be something your not either. If you don’t get it, don’t worry. Maybe you will some other time. Practice for a half hour or an hour and then stop for the time being and maybe try again later that night for another half hour or so. Be sure to take a few 10 minute breaks or so in between your practicing times too as I said before.

Just follow my advice and you should be fine. But like I said… if it hurts… STOP. Don’t ever push yourself or else you’ll cause damage to your throat/vocal cords and then you’ll really be wishing you hadn’t of pushed it huh?

Ignore the dumbas*es who just say stuff like uhhh… just scream or start by hating your life. Screamo has nothing to do with hating your life. And there’s WAY more to it than just screaming.

And here are some helpful hints for your regular singing -

Sing songs every day/night to help yourself get better. Also try exercises/scales… those will help amazingly. These are your 3, main warm ups that will REALLY help you out.

  1. Breathing – Vocal Warm-up Exercise Breathing affects the tone. Therefore, you have to breathe deeply by utilizing your diaphragm. The tone of your voice will be fuller and even smoother if you breathe deeply. Practically in this kind of vocal warms-up exercise, you have to put your finger up to your mouth and say, “shhh”. Make sure your breath is gone then just relax and allows the breathe come in automatically. Do this exercise for 5 times as a set.

Another breathing vocal warm-up exercise is slow breathing exercise. Do this by start inhaling slowly and mentally count to until 20 seconds, then exhale slowly until you have again reached 20 seconds. You will be able to control your breathing naturally if you do this about 5 times in every set vocal exercise.

  1. “Lip Rolls” – Vocal Warm-up Exercise Some call it the “motor boat” exercise. In this exercise, you have to put your lips together then exhale to make your lips to sort of flap. The lip rolls pretty much loosen up your vocal chords and they also train your vocal chords after several months of consistent practicing. It’s is to train you to control the flow of air without straining your vocal chord and voice at all. Some how, it’s related to the octave as well. Therefore, for a better result, you can begin this kind of vocal warm-up exercise with a low note first, and then work it up to the higher notes. You can work it back to low from high once you have reach the high one from low.

  2. Multiple Vocal Warm-up Exercises That’s the multiple work outs which provoke more flexible exercise styles. You can start this multiple vocal warm-up exercise with “mum and do nay, yay”.

Next, you have to do a couple of two syllable words to the same scale. “la ga” and “yah”, “ga” is the examples of the two syllable words. You need to open your mouth and relax the jaw when you’re practicing it. And make sure your jaw doesn’t move.

Other tips/info that’s sure to help you - You have to discipline yourself to practicing these vocal strength exercises consistently in order to see the obvious results. I’m sure you will be shocked with he improvement after few months of your hard working exercises. You will realize that your tone will have strengthened and you vocal is voice become clearer, maybe even stronger vocally after few months of these vocal warm-up exercises.

Answer #2

I do both I do screamo and singing. screamo will not affect your singing voice but in a song if your doing both you should have a puase before you start singing again after the screamo or your voice cnt recover quick enough

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