How to help scrambled eggs taste less plain?

What is the best way to make scrambled eggs? I know how, but is there something I could/should add to make them not taste so plain?! I already know about salt and pepper, but any other suggestions?

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I like to add mushrooms, red and green peppers, salt , pepper cheese and a little cayene pepper mmm so good and somtimes lol i even like a little syrup on them :)

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oh man…I first ( in oil) cook tomatoes (diced), onions (diced), and cut up green pepper in the pan…then when its almost cooked, I add the eggs and scramble everything up, add sum salt, and when the eggs are done, its ready to go..its bomb..u can eat it with sum flour tortilla…OR ADD POTAOTES TO IT AND MAKE A BURRITO..=) its bomb! =)

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lots of butter in a pan over high heat break egg on side of pan scramble in pan on high flame stir egg till cooked to right consistancy and put on bread use lots of pepper and some salt make sandwichthe butter salt and pepper and eggs cooked but not too donenot hard so butter is still on them out of pan

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I chop up lunchmeat and put cheese and sometimes I add green onions. Try putting it in a tortilla or on bread.

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I love them with cheese, but I prefer medium cheddar, with some coarsely chopped tomato. Also, I am assuming that you know to beat the eggs with some milk before you put them into the pan.

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OMG, have you tried them with Velveeta cheese?! They are sooo good that way! Just cut the cheese up in little squares and while the eggs are still runny, put the cheese with the eggs and let it melt and fuse together to create amazing cheesy eggs! Yummm… :)

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Whisk the eggs with a little milk and a tablespoon of flour. Makes them fluffy. Then add almost anything that you like that particular day. Mushroom slices, onions, garlic, peppers, ham,.. be bold… fearless! lol. Also, just a little chicken stock or boullion when frying,… adds richness. I predict.. you’re going to be the funadvice scrambled egg guru in no time at all! Keep us posted!

Answer #9

Add bacon and cheese.

Answer #10

I always put ketchup on my scrambled eggs.

But try putting cheese, meat or, vegetables in.

Answer #11

Salsa for sure- midwestern flavor

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cheese would be good or ham in the eggs.hpe I helped

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Salsa baby! If you don’t like it too spicey you can try it with a mild one. I use a chunky salsa.

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My vegetarian friend fries some mushrooms in the butter before the eggs go in. Yum!

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dude, something that has ALWAYS added to the fluffiness of my scrambled eggs is a tablespoon or so of milk or half & half creamer type ..mix it in real well before you cook the eggs and you’ll love how light and fluffy they become.

Also they recommend cookin eggs w/butter/margarine instead of oil/pam

Other than that..let your imagination go cheese/honey/small torn bits of deli meat slices/ finely chopped olives & herbs of course

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