Why are there school rules that really have nothing to do with the actual education part?

You know, like hair rules or uniform or whatever…

Answer #1

tell me about it like no makeup, how the hell does makeup stop you from learning! But the teachers were aloud to wear it! Double standards. I hated school

Answer #2

These rules,uniform and hair should be there in school,this is for maintaining discipline.If everybody is going to do fashion then the school wont look like a school…

Answer #3

yes but teachers should also abide by those rules

Answer #4

Discipline and because your appearance reflects on the schools image.

Answer #5

why? They are adults. Adults have more freedom than children and less need for discipline

Answer #6

there is a lot of difference between a teacher and a student…

Answer #7

also,students cannot compare themselves with teachers..

Answer #8

Yeah, but you would think differently if you go to my school. Some of the teachers have seen students smoking and didnt do crap about it. Some teachers have been drinking with students. A 16 year-old girl at our school got pregnat and they still didnt do crap

Answer #9

i am not saying this but students have a right to dress how they want to. Parents have the right to tell there children what they can or can not wear not just another employee

Answer #10

there are schools that do not have dress codes and the parents can send their children there. If they choose to send them to a school with a dress code, they must not mind employees telling their children how to dress

Answer #11

there isnt schools like that down my end

Answer #12

Then its only your school,if they see someone drinking in any school,they would just suspend them.

Answer #13

Having rules about uniform etc doesnt cause those things though. It sounds like the staff are just really slack. Although, in the case of the girl getting pregnant, I dont see how that is the schools responsibility.

Answer #14

In the Philippines there are probably a minority of schools that do not have uniforms (even some colleges have them). Once upon a time, schools and colleges in the West acted as de facto parents (like when boarding schools were popular) when kids were not living at home, that remains true in some places. Things dont necessarily work the same all the world round.

Answer #15

The rules are not set by the teachers. Just as laws are not set by policemen. They are meant to be enforced by teachers, if they’re not doing their jobs does not mean there shouldnt be rules. And generally in more conservative cultures, girls who get pregnant do not continue to attend school.

Answer #16

I personally don’t think schools shuld have dress codes. Its stupid. And not trying 2 sound mean or anything but my schools filled with really skinny girls almost every girls underweight. I’m not. I’m puerto rican I have curves. I’m the 1 to always get sent to the office 4 my shirts being to low becuz I have boobs. I think dress codes r really not neccisery. But the reason they have it is 4 dicipline. They want it 2 be 4 education only. Witch I respect but don’t agree with.

Answer #17

In South Africa, you don’t get a single school that does not have dress codes and rules about hair.

Answer #18

Where I live, most public schools do not have uniforms. However they do have rules like no unnatural hair colors, no short shorts, no low cut tops, nothing that has vulgar or violent things on it, etc…

In elementary school, we were only allow to wear plain red, white, blue, khaki, or black clothes. No pictures, or words on the clothing. This was to keep kids from picking on other kids. Everyone wore the same basic things, so that the poor kids, and the wealthy kids wouldn’t pick on each other. In schools that don’t have a uniforms, kids can wear what they like. The wealthy kids wear expensive name brand clothes. The poor kids wear cheap clothes from thrift shops, or non-name brand clothes. The wealthy kids sometimes pick on the poor kids, and the poor kids envy the wealthy kids. Uniforms help prevent this.

In an alternative school I went to, we were only allowed to wear solid colored polo shirts, with khaki or black pants, and you had to wear a belt. Not only did this prevent the kids picking on each other because of the clothes they wore. The uniforms were used to improve the school image, and make students look well disciplined.

Answer #19

I have to disagree. I don’t think kids should be allowed to wear mini skirts, low cut tops, short shorts, etc…It draws attention to them, and a lot of people tend to not focus on school, but pay attention to what everyone is wearing. People get picked on if they are not “hot” enough to wear those “sexy” clothes…

Answer #20

The main goal of publicly funded education is not education; it is making students into useful members of society. Socialization or the process of making each individual less individual and more like the whole is one of the goals. Schools have dress codes for the same reasons military have uniforms; to make each member less unique and to depersonalize them. Dull, unimaginative, and obedient graduates fit much better into the mind-numbing life of working on assembly lines, doing repetitive office work etc. Dehumanization also is useful when graduates have to serve in the military because the lower their own self-worth the easier it is to convince them that it is an honor to die for their nation and traditions.

Answer #21

The only reason they have rules is so the government can make money. Like at my school if a teacher takes up ur phone they send it to the local police station and you pay $15-25.

 Every day u go to school they make money for every kid there that's why u can only miss a certain amount of days. 
   We can't eat off campus like at sonic or bk cuz the school wants u to buy there food and spend ur money so the staff can go on nice vacations. 
  Dress code is a way of the school saying " ur my B**** and u will do what we say " the best thing is to not go by dress code that way ur school loses money cuz they send you home and who the hell is actually gonna return just to finish off the day. 


Answer #22

UGH! i know what you mean! but its because with things like spikey clothes or baggy clothes, or short short skirts, it becomes distracting to students, and as for the spikes, its because people use them in fights… its making kids more imprisioned to the ignorent and closed minded board of ed. but whatever, just as long as i can wear band shirts im fine

Answer #23

shoot… lets REBEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can take away my style, but not my personality!!!!! i will not be a robot to society, i will curse, and spell wrong, and write like a 7 yr old all i want! (the 7 year old writing thing isnt really my fault, im a lazy writer :P) and i like it!!!!!

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