School problems help me please!

Ok im new to this but here it go’s. At school I have no more friends (my best friend had to move and we don’t know each others mobile so no contact) and I’m unpopular at school because of a incident I did and I will not sya because its very embarrising and wont tell how it got out And now the kids are a$$holes about it and tease me when they see me calling me names I will not say. But it was before they even knew me (I moved school once) so I don’t believe it any of their beeswax, pluss to add on to this ‘incident’ I’ve had many dieseases and most for skin so I’ve got scars and stuff and I have asthma so I cant run for crap and their fore adding to my unpopular problem and teasing.

Its been like this for 4 years and now im sick and tired of it. If not for my self control by now I would kicked one of the people’s sak and made him hurt for a while. I need to get up from the bootom even if its a tiny bit because its really attacking my confidence, I’ve tried everything and anything other then violence I’ve told my parents who tole their parents, I’ve told the school counsiler+ princible nothing happens. Becuase of this ‘incident’ I don’t make friends because when I meet some oen at school they’re immediately told about the ‘incident’ and are totaly turned off, I made a big mistake in my life and now its taken its toll and im just turned 13! A couple of days ago please help I need advise

Answer #1

by tomthabomb “thats not embarrassing, I think people generally dont like you, not the incident. Just be yourself and be confident and you will find some friends happy “

they always tell me its the reason they basivly “HATE” me they find it digusting

Answer #2

Wow, I do not think you are going to like my advice, but I do not care and I am going to give it anyway!

Everything bad that has happened to you is the result of your own doing. You are a very negative person, you have no self confidence. You dont like the way you look. You dont think you are worthy of other people’s respect, and you do not think that you are good enough.

Have you ever heard the idea in sports that its 20% physical and 80% mental? Well, I think that is the same thing for life. Your life, your situation, and your happiness is mostly based on your way of thinking.

I feel so sad for you that you have had a tough 4 years. Trust me, I have been there too and know how it feels. It takes a while to get back in the swing of things.

You should, right now, make a list of what you would like your life to be like. Dream big and right out every detail of your happiness.

Next, right out the steps for making each of those things come true, read it over a few times and then tuck the paper away for safe keeping.

Two very important things you must remember is to always smile and be positive regardless of how bad things are. Another thing you should do right away is to find an organization to volunteer for often. Anyone can be a success, if they volunteer.

Lastly, avoid the bullies and ignore them (I know that its hard but you can do it). Find people and clubs that are positive and that will accept you. The more good things you do for others, the better your life will be. I promise.

Good luck, If you need more help…funmail me :)


Answer #3

okay I’ve finally got into high school im only imn the same class with liek 3 students and they dont pick on me I’ve made friends andf I also got in touch with old ones (foudn my old Best Friend on a social site) so its going good but now theres a rumour that I had sex with my cousin going around in my home group. My cousin and I deny it but they dont believe us and its all because one of my friends likes my cousin and hates that shes always with me so he started some rumour in my old school and now its spread to my new!

Answer #4

first of all, you need to come to terms with this “incident” your self. I dont judge people at all so you can confide in me. have you tried saying “ so what, this incident happened, you should want to be my friend because of my personality and nothing else” if that doesnt work then do you really want shallow friends who judge everybody?? Go to school and keep thinking to yourself, “so what” and your confidence will start to build! as for having asthma, p.e isnt the only thing you can shine in, whats your fav subject, shine in that one instead! if you go to school with the attitude that its going to be a bad day then it will be a bad day, so go to school with the attitude that the day is going to be the best ever and people will feed off your confidence and happyness and they will want to get to know you. Message me if you need help x

Answer #5

it would help if we knew the incident! :]

Answer #6

okay its taking me time but… I screwed a stuffed clown I even cut a hole so I could and to add to the demention I did right infront of my cousin… it took me 2 hours to get enough guts to say it so please sont give me sheet

Answer #7

well if your 13 then your probably still in middle school. and whatver this “incident” it appears that it happened 4 years ago so you were 9. nest year if your going to high school I promise you that you will find friends. people will eventually drop it and forget the drama that you did as a 9 year old. I just say be confident in high school and im sure yourll find a couple of friends. then you can work your way up from there

Answer #8

im also sorry thta I dont say what the incident is its far too embarrising to say, I’d rather not be a laughing stock on the net too ok. love to tell ya just it’s was pretty disgusting and I think I shouldn’t, probably make you puke

Answer #9

thats not embarrassing, I think people generally dont like you, not the incident. Just be yourself and be confident and you will find some friends :)

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