School kids getting drunk

Am I the only one who thinks its sad that school kids have to go out and get hammered(drunk) every weekend. When you’re a kid, if you have to be drunk to have a good time then something is really wrong

Answer #1

Yes, I know what I said, and I agree that it wouldn’t change anything and my reasoning wasn’t a good reason.

Like I said before also that I am not around enough people to really know what happens, I have been around a few people that get drunk everyday or every week…But they also have a different mind set then I do. Don’t get me wrong when I say I am wrong I mean it You were right..I didn’t really explain clear enough of what I was saying and really don’t know how to say it.

If I do come up with a better reason then I will make sure to mail you =) until then I won’t have a good enough of an answer =0.

Answer #2

I agree. a lot of people do it cause they can’t face reality. some think it’s coo, when it’s not really, some cave to peer pressure. what they don’t know is that they’re actually making it worse for themselves and others around. they’ll either become addicted to it and one day die from it, or they will regret it a lot!! there’s no need to go out and do what you think is fun when you could go out and do what you know is fun.

Answer #3

Does not matter. Where would you stop? What is the appropriate age at which a “child” should be able to drink according to you. You were saying that if you say someone can’t have something, they will want it more, I’m trying to explain that is not a good enough reason to lower a drinking age. Going by that principle, you would have to have no drinking age, and then anyone could buy alcohol, even a 9 year old.

Answer #4

I agree 100%

Answer #5

Ciggarettes - may kill yourself, but you don’t kill other people while you are smoking ciggarettes. Drunk drivers kill people. Alcohol is a drug - people tend to forget that. When you drink, you do things you wouldn’t normally do, you are less responsible, you make bad decisions, etc. You don’t do any of those things because of a Ciggarette!

Also, of course everyone should be more responsible with their eating habits. Unfortunatly you can’t control what someone should eat.

Answer #6

So should they move cigarettes to a higher age, because you are ruining your system that way to…what about the unhealthy food we eat everyday should we be more responsible with our eating habits? my point is if it’s not getting Drunk then its something else. I am not arguing just stating my point.

Answer #7

I agree with you 100 percent. The legal drinking age is set for a reason. Alcohol can cause a lot of problems with young people’s health, growth, etc. Their bodies are not even done growing and maturing - and they are harming it with alcohol. I lost 4 really good friends in highschool because they were too irresponsible and got behind the wheel after drinking, it’s sad to see such a young life - wasted.

Answer #8

I agree, that’s how my old boyfriend died. He kept it a secret, kept drinking when he was home alone, and would invite friends over too when no one was home. Finally one thing ledt to another and look where he is now?

Answer #9

I agree that in most cases if you try and push a person not to do something it will make them want to do it more - but lowering the drinking age is not how you solve that problem. If you want to use that excuse - then you would have to have NO drinking age! Do you really think that’s right? Do you really think a 9 year old should be allowed to walk into the store and purchase a 5th of vodka? Well why not, according to you just stopping them is going to make them want it more!!!

I probley started drinking at around the age of 15, after that I started doing drugs, after that I became a full blown drug addict and alcoholic, after that I became homeless, then I was a rape victim, and it took me 6 years to get back on my feet.

There are already enough kids drinking under the legal age - if you lower that age to say 18 years old - that will mean that even younger kids will think it will okay to drink because they will think “Oh, well I’m closer to the drinking age now, I dont have that long, so I can drink now too”.

Answer #10

same ere dude, I tried alcohol but maybe cause I personally dont like it but its so lame,and its like paying tu have a good time and people who say “yeh for my 16th im gna get pissed” why,dontu want it tu b speacial,sorrry 4 chavs and chemos and emo’z and ovah clicks necassary but get real its so gayy

Answer #11

I think you have won this conversation…But one thing I never said anything about 9 year olds I was more going towards teens not kids.

Answer #12

Have you ever thought about, if you try and push people not to drink it will only make them want to drink more, the only reason I know this is because people tend to do things they aren’t aloud to do…Maybe I am wrong because I haven’t been around enough people to know, but I do know how I felt about it…

I did get drunk once with my older sister and her husband, I got so sick that I couldn’t think straight and didn’t know what I was doing half of the time. I got so sick that I ended up hating the taste of alcohol, anyways that is all I think about it and I hate this fact but some live to learn from it or they don’t or they end up drinking later when they are aloud and do something really stupid then…it’s a never ending battle.

I am sorry about your friends Mandyloo and wish things turned out different.

Answer #13

I agree with you

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