School ->Heading towards a dead end?

I am currently a freshmen in High School, taking all advanced placement courses. I have the highest class average in 2/8 classes and A’s in all the rest. I’ve been looking at trying to figure out what I want to do in life, but I realized soon after I started that no matter what I chose to do I will never become fully content.

I have no need for extravagant materialistic things, only reason I still have my computer is for communication with the world. I believe that having things only leads to wanting more things.

Knowing this I’ve come to the conclusion that in the end money =/= success. I kind of hit the doldrums, and I’m trying to find a rational conclusion to my search. I’ve considered dropping out, going to college, joining the army, and many other things…Any ideas/advice?

Answer #1

If you don’t aim high…that’s the quality you get…Take care !!

Answer #2

Well, you could save money, buy a studio apartment, and become an artist. If you’ve got the talent, there’s nothing like living in an art studio and waking every day to a fresh canvas.

If you’re not artistic, and you’re interested in the armed services, consider the Air Force or Navy. All branches of the military are awesome, but those two would take full advantage of your intelligence. They pay better, too! USMC offered me a $15,000 enlistment bonus to go in for Avionics… USAF offers $45,000.

In the end, nobody can choose for you. Follow your heart.

Answer #3

extravagant materialistic things

im sorry seems I worked my a** off to buy this PC for nothing, guess I should just throw it away now…

well done getting straight A’s and well done for being so full of your “purity” but I still dont understand your problem… or is that the problem :S

on a serious side… I think studying is the best thing to do, if you want to share your knowledge become a teacher or a politician, or even a scientist… do some good for the world ;)

Answer #4

Wow, what the hell? If you really want help, go ask a teacher. I don’t think anyone here really knows. Besides, you sound like you’re over exaggerating all this. Like you need attention, someone to care, but that may just be me because I know so many people like that.

But if you really wanted help, you’d go to your school counselor. That may sound like eating sh*t, but they’re the ones who planned your classes. And you’re only a freshman? And you’re talking like /that/? Well, why don’t you really go ask someone in real life, and if you can, you won’t sound like someone who always wants attention.

Answer #5

It’s not that I am “full” of my purity, it’s that I’m trying to get my point of view across to others so they will try to understand my position better. I’d rather not argue over moral ideals, but the fact is I find everything other than food and a house unnecessary. If you think that I am full of myself because of that, than I would suggest going through my post again. It’s not purity, it’s the fact that I no longer believe in items as things that can bring happiness. Yea, that’s probably the issue, but that is not the problem at hand. I was just looking on some opinions on what to do for the time being, for I am fed up of HS.

Answer #6

Alright, just forget it I guess, I mean it wasn’t a post to brag, or show how “pure” I am, It seems all the asshats crawled out from the corners of the internet to bash me when I simply asked a question, sorry for bothering you.

Answer #7

yeah money doesn’t equal success to everyone but living on the streets definitely doesn’t equal success for anyone.

many young people feel the same as you do, once you have a job and you see how much you have to work for a small amount of money and see the amount of money required to live like you have become accustomed to live like you just might change your mind.

Answer #8

barbrya, in my opinion you haven’t found your wings yet. You shouldn’t work to make money, you should do something that you find interesting.

I’ve never chased money in my life; I did what I wanted to.

When I started out I studied music wanting to be a quality musician. I never expected to make much money at it but I figured that eventually I’d find my nitch.

Then I got interested in bicycles, I worked in and ran bicycle shops and raced a bit. I never made much money but I had fun and I kept doing it as long as it was fun.

When bicycles started to get a drag I got interested in computers. I got interested in UNIX and programming in C; everyone told me to study MVS, Cobol, and RPG since there is no money in UNIX, C or the Internet. I kept doing what I liked then when the world wide web came along all of a sudden I was on the ground floor.

For me music, bicycles, and computers were my wings. I didn’t do them for money or success, but just because I liked them.

Joseph Campbell says, “follow your bliss.” He even predicts that if you do so that success will find you rather than the other way around though perhaps not success in the traditional sense (money, respect, etc).

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