What is your back to school clothes style?

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well i'm going to be starting collage soon. back to school clothes...Uh just whatever i have in my closet. I'm a clothing wh*re so i have a lot ^_^ --just wear your fav stuff

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A t-shirt, skinnies and converse- what I always wear :)

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uniforms :( it looked in prayer that i was in some kind of parade,its very sad..i know..but i always liked to wear short skirts..and my teacher always used to stare me saying 'from how many years are you wearing this skirt?''

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I just wear band t-shirts and jeans. Pretty much every day. Usually a long sleeved shirt under the t-shirt as well. Or a band hoodie.

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Band t's, skinny jeans, occasionally the collar shirts and nice pants when I'm not feeling sloppy.

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ive always wanted to be rocker it just felt like me but my freinds r really girly so it was hard cuz they didnt like the way i dressedbut now im sayn scrue it im goin rocker

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im going kind of towards the scene side. (: like skinny jeans and colored hair extentions...but what you wear is your choice!! (:

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I have a pretty unique style and most people call me punk... That's probably cuz o my bright purple hair haha

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kinda whatever. Just whatever i find. But i would say a mix of my fashion and slightly punk :)

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I think a backtoschool dress is better.
Take a look at http://funadvice.com/r/3k9rqhu99m . They sell dress for less. :)

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