Who were you in school? The bully or the kid getting bullied or both?

Answer #1

Niether one i wasn’t bullied but i didn’t bully people :)

Answer #2

No one ever messes with me at school to be honest, because I’m violent and i will fight them :) I don’t tease people either though, so if you classify hitting people that provoke you bulling, then I’m the bully :) haha

Answer #3

im the one that still get bullied and called names lol

Answer #4

I wouldn’t let anyone do that too me though! Why not take up for yourself?

Answer #5

why should i if i get into fight something like i get expelled and if i let them bully me and sooner or later they will hit me i can sue them and send them to juvie and i already did once haha

Answer #6

Humm . ok

Answer #7

lol its fun

Answer #8

I was the one sitting in the corner reading a book or playing cards and hearing about the kid who got bullied and the bully months after it happened =P Now I’m the person people just don’t fck with because I refuse to take sht from anyone. Not a bully though, I still avoid people in general.

Answer #9

Well then .

Answer #10

I always kept to myself. I never talked to anyone, or gave anyone a reason to pick on me. And no one ever did…which was weird because I was such an easy target (I was only 4’9” in high school). I had a lot of friends, though… and most of them were on the football team, so no one would mess with me haha… And, I remember one time, this girl always picked on me, and she sat behind me… she always talked crap to me, and one time she kept messing with my hair.. I told her to stop and she said ‘’Or what pulls hair‘’ so I just turned around and SMACK! right across her face. She left me alone after that. :P

Answer #11

While I am still in school, but I was never bullied and I have never bullied anyone. I think bullies are pathetic. I honestly do not understand how someone can find enjoyment out of hurting someone else, even if some only hurt others mentaly. I have always been more of a quiet person who stuck to my own friends and was always nice to everyone, I suppose that is one of the reasons that people didn’t pick on me, but I have had friend who have got picked on and honestly I am just glad I was there to help them through it so they were not alone.

Answer #12

I’m still in school, but in school I got picked on quite a bit. Kids would call me dirty names and make fun of me because my English speaking skills weren’t that great either. I did stand up sometimes, by getting violent and such, but it doesn’t stop those kids from being jerks. I think of myself as both. I was bullied, but I also bullied the bullies for making me suffer. :)

Answer #13

I was the one who was gullible and naive so kids would trick me into doing things x_x I was always picked on when I was younger until I started high school- that wasn’t so bad but I still didn’t like it. Now I’m working in a place where I’m so happy and confident! I love my life now… But I had to wait 17 years to get it XD

Answer #14

If you stand up for yourself, they won’t mess with you anymore. Sending them to juvie didn’t make others stop bullying you.. if anything it made them wanna bully you more, for being a snitch. :)

Answer #15

i’m the nerd who has a steady group of friends (woohoo i love them!). i dont get picked on though (i mean, i guess they just dont care. they do know me though to be one of those who gets high grades.). being as im done with school, im now a corporate slave. so yeah.

Answer #16

I’m the kid who gets called names and pushed down stairs and such : / lol my schools REAAAAALLLLYYYY hom*phobic so like, yeah.

Answer #17

WHOA. Send them to juvie??? How?! I wanna try! :Dp

Answer #18

im kinda both my dads in the millitary so im always in new skewls if i had to say i am mostly a bully but what teachers call buling i call giving a s*it and standing up for myself i dont fallow the in crowd cause id rather be me and thats a 13 yearold who likes what she likes and they tease me for it so i do what i have to make them stop

Answer #19

im never bullied. Just underestimated.haha

Answer #20

I had someone try to bully me once - he was 3 times my size, but I grabbed his arm, flipped him over my shoulder and left him sprawled on his back on the ground. It was enough of a statement to let everyone know that even though I was the quiet sort, I was no pushover. Nobody bullied me, and I bullied no one.

Answer #21

Neither one….I was too busy doing my own stuff

Answer #22

I agree with Moe. & Connor, no, bad boy. :)

Answer #23

Eh I was bullied when I was younger in like elementary. But now I’m just the kid who does homework and actually attends classes to learn.. Average.

Answer #24


Answer #25

omg lol

Answer #26

I still feel that way cause I still have to make my way through like more years of torture plus college {unless i get famous} hehe

Answer #27

aww…and hehe

Answer #28

You are basically the good version of me I do my work but I’m the classclown most times hehe

Answer #29

Aww…jerks! I hate people so closed minded…hehe

Answer #30

Aww…jerks! I hate people so closed minded…hehe

Answer #31

ha moe i dont snitch the teachers watched him lol

Answer #32

Neither, I talked to EVERYONE! :D even though i could be weird :P

Answer #33

Neither but my group of friends are teased quite a bit and have been labled the ‘emos’ :/

Answer #34

in grade 7 in elementary school I was bullied to no avail, they were all my friends since kindergarten and decided to all turn on me and I will never know .why, has affected me big time though..so to other people out there just be nice or shut up.

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