How do you drop out of school?

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There are forms that need to be signed by you AND your parents.
However, dropping out of school is an absolutely HORRIBLE idea.

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just don't go, best thing I ever did im at college now getting good qualifications, planning my future etc. NOT on the streets

Dropping Out...

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Just rid yourself of all ambition.

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I did not rate anyone but, saying that every drop out will wind up kicked out of their house by their parents and living on the street is completely wrong. many high school drop outs go on to lead successful lives, not living on the streets like a homeless person. dropping out of high school does not mean the loss of ambition. there are many reasons one could want to or be forced to drop out of school. I dropped out of high school, got my GED, got a job, and now am enrolled in college. sounds pretty ambitious to me.

Trust me, you do not have to go through life living in the "social norm" of going to school til your 18 then immediately go to college for four years then getting out of college and try to get some big job downtown on salary. even though public schools and the majority of people pound it into your head that you NEED to do these things or you will end up a hobo. that is simply not the case.

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I know you didn't come here for advice on whether you should stay in school or not. but as a high school dropout who is currently enrolled in college, I now think it would have been better off for me to finish high school. I ended up getting my GED anyways.(you should do this too if you drop out, it was one of the easiest things I have ever done plus it will make your parents happy and make it easier to find a job) Unless you are looking to work in a restaurant(or some other not very fun and low paying job) for the majority of your adult life I would finish high school and then take a crack at college. It beats working for 40 hours a week at a job you hate, school is good for the experience and in the long run will help you out.

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^not true, I believe there is a withdraw from school form you must fill out. I wouldnt drop out til you had a job though. if you are a drop out who isnt working then what ally_xo said might come true

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oh theres two ways as far as i know,one u can go and withdraw urself u and ur parent go to the school office and sign all those papers,then ur officially withdrawn"out of school"and second u just stop going,stop attending and not showing up no more,although u can have problems cus of that sometimes social workes are involved cus of that,but ive seen many people do it and sly by without any problems or issues.soo thats how u drop out of schoool,oooo unless u mean like u actually drop out like when one falls out the window of ur school or something then there i have no clue:D:D:Dlol

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