Could scented antibacterial soap be why my tattoo is having trouble healing?

I've been using scented soap for the first time while healing a tattoo and this one has already had one touch up and will obviously need another i'm wondering if the soap could be the problem cause i've been caring for it exactly the same as my others.

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Yepp, when a tattoo is still healing your supposed to use nonscented products, including soaps until its healed. The fragrence in the soap causes irritation and healing problems.

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Okay, cause my skins been pushing out the ink with this one which hasn't happened with any of my other tattoos.

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No. Depending on the manufacturer of the ink this could cause a slight to severe irritation. I would recommended a mild antibacterial soap that has no added scents, dyes or any other additives (such as Dial Gold)

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Actually yes the scent is why it's having trouble. Both mandyloo and my tattooist who I just called said I need to just use unscented soap.

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yea. thats why i sed it depends on the manufacturer of the ink. very rarely is it ok to use the scented soap.

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What was the "no" then?

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You can clean it with Spectro Gel :)
It does no irritations.

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Yes. It is best to use unscented antibacterial soap when washing the area where you got the tattoo. The area will be very sensitive to outside influence so the less product you use the better for it to heal.

You should also use hypo-allergenic lotion to keep the area moisturized to limit flaking.

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