When someone has scars from self injury, do you think they should keep their scars covered up?

Would you ever suggest that someone was showing off their scars (or that they thought they were cool because of the scars) if they let them show? I hope this question doesn’t get deleted or something D: I feel like it might, though. Or worse- it’ll turn into a status update -.-

Answer #1

moved to status…just kidding :P Actually, it depends on the person…some people do show their scars as a form of attention seeking, while others really do need the attention. It’s a fine line between who is doing it for what reason, but I don’t think you need to hide anything - your reasons are your own, and so long as you’re dealing with any issues you might have, nobody has the right to call you out….they do, however, have the right to try and get you the help that you need.

Answer #2

The sad truth is, there are kids who show off scars and self mutilate to be cool and to show them off. Its sad because its causing some people to not take a real disease and cry for help seriously because of kids trying to fit in. I dont feel a person should have to cover them up however, since usually someone seeing them and deciding to intervine is how many young people get help. I have friends that have incorporated their self mutilation scars into tattoos later in life as a way to show that they overcame that part of their life.

Answer #3

showing off scars? i honestly havent met anyone who does that.. my friends, as well as myself, always hid them. but rly only becuz we were ashamed. nd scared of other people finding out.

Answer #4

its true that some people will show off the scars. I dont think it really matters what they do in an average day, but if someone has a job interview (or already has a job) then its only proffesional that they be covered. other than that, idc what they do wih them

Answer #5

Most of my scars are on my upper thigh, where no one can see them. But I have a few on my arm near my elbow that are quite noticeable, but I tell everyone it was from climbing a tree… and surprisingly, they believe me (or they’re just being nice). Anyway, I try to wear jackets just to avoid the question I usually get, but when I don’t, it’s not to show them off. I’m ashamed of them, but it’s a reminder of how low I felt and how I never want to resort to cutting ever again. I know a couple of people that do it for attention and it’s annoying.. it’s like they’re making it like a big joke, when there are people who really suffer from it.

Answer #6

I dont cover mine up - i dont try to seek attention but its not a secret anymore so i dont even try to bother theres no “should” or “shouldnt” cover it up its just what you think is right

Answer #7

It depends, for me. If there was someone who self harmed as a coping mechanism and was trying to recover, I’d never expect or even dare to ask them to cover up. In my opinion that’s kind of a huge thing, considering that’s not what most typically do (I know I always covered up). Those of us who have scars are usually too ashamed of them to flaunt them or brag.

If someone was using scars as a brag tool to look ‘cool’, however, I’d probably get angry and think that they’re an idiot. Would I tell them to cover up? I’m not sure. I definitely would tell them that what they’re doing is disgusting, though, and that they should really be more sensitive to those who go through a deep emotional struggle with it.

Answer #8

D: that’s really epic about the tattoos!

Answer #9

I don’t think they have to be covered up. I had a friend who used to self mutilate, she would cover them up because she was embarassed. Another friend who didn’t cover them up because she didn’t care how people percieved her. I’ve met a girl who carved her boyfriends name into her arm and showed it off, thinking it was funny… Ugh. I don’t think that they have to be covered up, but if it makes them feel better to do so that’s also fine.

Answer #10

Alrightie. Thanks. This stupid girl who sits beside me in English class just randomly goes “what’s on your arms?” and I’m like “Uhhh” and she grabs one of my arms and she’s like Oh my god those are so gross blah blah you’re totally showing them off you think you’re so cool but really you’re just an emo freak! I was just like O_O excuse me? And then I got mad and just walked out of class lol but still I was just like Wtf? o.o like that’s a huge assumption to make :/

Answer #11

O.o why did she do that…? :/ I would hate to be her boyfriend lol. Anyway, thanks :]

Answer #12

Alrightie. Thanks for answering ^.^

Answer #13

I agree :) thanks.

Answer #14

Ugh I know the attention seekers just make me wanna UGGGH I don’t know it’s too violent to say :P thanks ^.^

Answer #15

Yeah, of course. I totally agree about the job interview thing. Thanks ^.^

Answer #16

I’ve met many people who how theirs off though -.- it’s super annoying. They’ll just be like flaunting them and people will be like A DUHHHH ARE YOU EMOOOO DUUUDE? and theyll just be acting all mysterious and I’ll be like Ffffff >_>

Answer #17

yer welcome :p

Answer #18

12 years later and I dont bother any more. Surprisingly the only people who have ever noticed were other cutters. Either that or people just dont say anything. Although my wrist is so bad that it is hard to tell that those were individual cuts at one time. So maybe that’s why I dont get comments. I used to hide though. Till I realized people either dont notice or they dont care.

Answer #19

Well, I’m just going to be honest. I have scars on my arms and other places and I don’t do anything to hide them, although I used to when they were fresh. I wasn’t doing it for attention like people think and I actually despised the attention and lecturing. They are older now, so they are less noticeable than they used to be, so people don’t always notice them.

Above you told someone about how another girl grabbed your arm and said some stupid stuff. This has happened to me on multiple occasions. Don’t let it get to you. It’s none of anyone else’s business even if you don’t cover them up.

Everyone just automatically thinks that people do stuff like that to get attention, but it’s not always true and I think people are way to quick to judge others.

And a lot of people above were talking about how they’d try to get the person help. That’s a good thing, but people often take the wrong approach. The person isn’t going to want to be bombarded with lectures and people thinking they know what they’re going through.

It’s definitely a good idea to hide them for job interviews and things like that because people will judge. Equal opportunity my a$$, lol.

Oh no I think this is turning into a rant. Much luvv to all. ♥

Answer #20

I did the same thing with the name thing I mean. The reason? it’s called stupidity, I’m over it. lol.

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