Scared as hell basketball try outs

Ok I have basketball try outs this wedensday and iam nervous as hell. I know I likely make it on the team but all the other kids there you know kinda scar me I think they will laugh and dont just say dont listen to them I need real advice

Answer #1

Look when I was getting ready for a big hockey tourney. I would put on head phones listen to my fav music and get pumped up. as long as I did my best I was ok with whatever happened. It is hard to control butterflies and nerves but I liked having them because with out that feeling, I would not love what I was doing. Good Luck

Answer #2

If they laugh, laugh back… NO! DON’T DO THAT! Bring friends along, And have them w/ you. If you are most likely might be on a team w/ them, then they won’t laugh at you!!! And I doubt they will laugh at you! You are pobably better than them!!

Answer #3

well if you are good enough to make the team I don’t think they would laugh at you. If you think you are laughed at material you shouldn’t go out for the team. also you need confidence or your game is going to suffer and you wont be showing how good you truly are..

Answer #4

Go in knowing you’re going to do good. If people laugh at you, shake if off. Don’t pay attention to them!

Answer #5

You can’t let what other people do or say affect you on the court. There are going to be a lot of opponent’s fans who will boo you too. And I agree if you don’t have confidence, you are not going to be a great player, you’ll come out somewhere just above good.

When you get out of bed start saying to yourself “this is going to be a great day!” “I’m going to kill ‘em on the court today” repeat that to yourself (and when you are by yourself, out loud) all the way to the tryouts. I can guarantee it will help.

And if something “bad” happens that morning, always remember you can start your day over at any point in time. Now is the beginning of the rest of my day. We make our own luck so go make yours!

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