Are you satisfied with your government's work?

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No, our government is more unorganized than my binder at school. they are scatter brained...

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No, the use our tax money to fund their fancy cars and neglect the country's maintenance.

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hell no. look around there are soo many issues and we are constantly being lied to and made to think that problems are being solved, like bills, and the clean air act. global warming is still taking place, consumerism is rediculous and quite frankly many issues man. americas priorities are lower than crap at the bottem of a septic tank. the things americans worry about just saddens me. i say bump dis place yo. a soon as i graduate college, im moving to someplace with better everthing like sweden, switzerland.. anywhere out of the counrty :)

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Yeah I do, in England we just had a change of government after the last government got us into so much debt things needed to change. Now the new prime minister is being blamed for the tax increase which needs to be done, people need to realise it was not his fault we are losing money, we have an ageing population because our birth rate is so low and our life expectancy very high, more people are retiring and not paying tax, so they are aiming to get a higher birth rate, and if it works then we can go back to spending a bit more money.. So yeah I'll back my government up they do what they have to do

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Recommend your government to start adopting Indonesian kids..LOL... We have 240 Millions population here. HELP!!!!!

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