I know this is a hot question right now, but Im getting a new phone and idk which one to get!!! I’m really into the galaxy s3 because of the all the customization on it but do you think Iphone 5 will be better in the long run??? someone heeellllpp meeee=]

Answer #1

The iphone 5 will be old news soon. Apple are always updating and getting new products. The Iphone 5 will be rubbish when the new comes out. Infact i have the samsung galaxy s3 and i love it. Its amazing. You can do so much on it

Answer #2

Samsung Galaxy S3! This is coming from someone who owns an iphone it may not be the 5 but still. Seriously Apple is always coming out with a new iphone claiming it’s waay better than the last, when really if you think about it. You could keep your old iphone and just wait for them to send you that update (new ios) and get near all the same features as the new iphone. I’m actually thinking about switching to the SGs3. It’s bigger, faster, and just ahh perfection.

Answer #3

They are both capable devices and have their good and bad things. But when you get an iPhone, something else comes into play, it’s about how it makes you feel.

The feeling you get is the feeling of having finally gotten an iPhone! It’s hard to describe but it feels good. With other phones it feels like you just got a phone.

It’s the same feeling people get when they treat themselves to something nicer and paid the premium to get to that level. Why do people get Harley Davidsons instead of Yamahas motorcycles? Or a Guess purse instead of a regular purse to put things in it? Or a brand new Lexus instead of a brand new Toyota? Or jewelry from Tiffany? When people get the latest and newer iPhone it is about that feeling and you will feel no doubt once you are opening the box and hold it in your hand and turn it on that you made the right choice and you are sure 100% that you made the right choice.

Most people that chose other smartphones will inside always have that annoying feeling of having to justify to themselves and others why their smartphone is as good as owning the latest iPhone so if you always want to be wondering if you should have gotten it or not then get the Samsung or any other brand. When you own an iPhone that feeling is not there and getting something else will feel like a downgrade.

The sad part is that this is Apple strategy all along. This is their brand specialty. They are genius at marketing and making you feel that way. This is why people line up to buy their products.

Think as the latest iPhone as a premium accessory that happens to also be a really good Smartphone. It’s kind of something that you will have and people want.

Answer #4

The S3 and many other phones sometimes have better hardware with more sensors/features/memory and so on. With Android you can tweak every single thing.

However, in my experience, it comes with a price. What’s that price? You get less stuff done, because of a compromised user experience. You end up going on the web less, because you’re tweaking more.

I think when you get an iphone, you buy the experience. The apps, the fact that everything just works really, really well without any tinkering. And it works consistently. You just get stuff done on your phone.

And oh yeah, you get best of breed third party apps.

Answer #5

They are both great phones. It mostly comes down if you like iOS or Androd better.

FWIW, if I were getting another iPhone now I’d get a 4S. The 4S is still a great phone and now that the 5 is out they are selling the 4S cheap.

In the Android market there are lots of great phones. The Nexus 4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, HTC Droid DNA, HTC One X+, Motorola Razr Maxx, etc.

I’ve been using Apple for years but my next phone will probably be an Android based phone.

Answer #6

People buy things expecting them to somehow make them more interesting or to make their life better. The epitome of this is posts I see by people on the ‘net who list things they own in their signature. As if the things they own makes them more than they would be without it. Marketers latch onto this and sell us a dream to go along with the item we buy. Why do people get Harley Davidson motorcycles? Because of the image we have of Harleys formed from movies and exploited by marketing geniuses. Harley’s aren’t terrible bikes for touring but most people who buy them are buying into the image. Apple has similar brand association; their products are always stylish, sophisticated, and cool.

Answer #7

In my view The iPhone 5 is much better and comfortable smart phone than Samsung Galaxy S3. If you want to purchase the new phone, then depends on you that which type operating system like you android or iOS. If you like iOS then you can go with iPhone 5 OR if you like android OS then you can go with Samsung Galaxy S3.

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