Same old story, I love her, she left me, im depressed

Im sure you have all heard this story before with everyone and probably yourselves, but I am 17 years old and finally just this year I gained up the courage to ask a girl out, and she became my first girlfriend. Everything always went great, I never once argued with her about anything becuase I never gave her a reason to dislike anything about me. I treated her as an angel, I thought a girl deserves the world and nothing less, should be held late at night so close to me, and listen to her soft breathing as she fell asleep in my arms.. I was the happiest I had ever been in my life… I fell in love with her, and that is where it went downhill. She didnt want to be tied down in a relationship, even though I wouldnt ever do that, I just told her I loved her becuase becuase I did, I didnt expect her to feel the same way yet, I just wanted her to know I would always be there for my angel…god I miss her..anyways, about 3 months in, out of nowhere, she left me.. And she said “its becuase your too nice” when she turned around and walked out of my life, I died inside, my world stopped, I was alone again.. It has been 4 months did that day, and I still sometimes out of nowhere shed tears, or wake up in the middle of the night because I dreampt of her, and start crying. This wouldnt have hurt so bad if she wasn;t my first girlfriend, its like I finally let my gaurd down to feel love and I did, and it stabbed me in the heart, no matter how hard I try to forget about her, to think of someone else.. I can’t. Sometimes I wonder if there is life after love. Someone…please, help. Im so depressed.

Answer #1

I know exactly how you feel. the same exact thing happened with me…on my first love. hang in there…about 6 months down the road you’re able to start eating normally again…7 months you join a gym…8 months you see a guy that you could possibly see yourself being interested in…9 months…you feel a little more normal.

don’t worry…you’re not the only what. it won’t kill you, but it will make you incredibly strong. you gave this girl everything…I bet you would make a great boy friend. I don’t think this girl was good enough for you hon.

Answer #2

Alright dude! First of all your to good for someone who screws you over because your “To Nice”. That was probably just an excuse because she was scared she was falling in love with you! Secondly don’t cry over someone that’s not going to cry over you! For your next girlfriend don’t go to fast and rush into the whole “I love you” thing! Just take it slow. Be yourself around her and don’t act like someone your not. And if she doesn’t like you for who you r then get over it and find someone who truly cares for you. Life will go on no matter what!

Answer #3

Damn I’m Sorry To Hear That,But I Understand How You Feel.Dont Let Her Get The Best Of You.If Anything She Lost Out On A Sweet Loving Guy.There Are So Many Girls Out There Looking For A Guy Just Like You.

Keep Your Head Up…

Answer #4


Seriously, NOBODY should be with their first girlfriend/boyfriend. Because no matter how perfect you may THINK it is. A lot of people just see their first as “THE ONE” simply because they had never experienced a relationship with anyone else. Theres no one for you to compare her to therefore, you’re sad thinking it’s the end of the world.

It’s really not :) I’m not a nice type of person who goes around comforting people if its unreasonable. I’m speaking all based on logics and if you could just stop thinking with your heart for a bit & use your brains, you’ll realize my advice.

Don’t be sad that it’s over. Smile that it happened. I think the more you date, the better because then when you really find “the one” you’ll know it for sure this time because you can actually say “I’ve been with others and you’re so different from them”

I hope you feel better.

Answer #5

Eventually everyone will go through some sort of heartache. Its a part of life, but trust me, there IS love after life, and your not going to find it if you keep living in the past. 3 mos. may have seemed like a long time, but I guess that shows how fast you fall. If you finally do meet another girl, dont give your heart away so fast.

Answer #6

Don’t worry too much about it. I’m pretty much the same way as you, but I’ve been like this for longer than three months. She was probably going to use you for your niceness anyway. Try and try real hard to forget about her. That’s pretty much the only thing you can do. Hang out with other friends, occupy yourself, and meet other girls. Atleast you know why she broke up with you, so it might be easier to move on. Me, I don’t know what happened and it’s hard.

XOXO Sillist

Answer #7

Lots of people have been in your place mate and its just one of them things in life that are crap. what you need to do is talk to someone close like a mate or a family member or even a counciler and talk about how you feel. I has always worked for me and your 17 and have your whole life ahead of you. dont let things get you down as you only as have one chance at life and so LIVE IT!

Answer #8

thank you, everyone

Answer #9

been there, done that…still doing that. My last girl friend who I loved a lot just uped and dumped me to. I still and depressed and to be honest, I think about her everyday…even to this day. But anyway, my advice since were both going through the same thing is to

  1. Try your hardest to not think about her (sometimes it works to try to hate her)
  2. Go out some time and meet some new people
  3. Avoid talking about her (to anyone)
  4. Hope for the best…pray for the worst

This is my little advice and I hope it works. Message me and keep me updated. GOOD LUCK BUD

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