Confused Love Story.

Okay well, ii’M really confused and really need advice. See, my [ex] boyfriend for four months, that broke up with me and left me for this really ugly TMN girl, around the start of June. I cried and cried, I had him first and well when 2 months hit, he told me that he liked someother girl, he left me for her, and then he came back to me, and then went back to her. I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t take him back. I let them to date. We didn’t even talk because of her… I had him first, but whatever, I just wanted him to be happy. This month she broke up with him, and I thought he would want me back and he did but I said, I sorta have something with this other guy, he said, “ well he probably is better than me so go for him, you will be more happy with him “. I agreed. Me and this new boy, just like eachother and we are supposed to meet eachother on Monday and hes supposed to ask me out. And well now I’M thinking if I should go for him because before, my sister had a major crush on him, and well turns out he likes me, not her. So well she sorta knows that we like eachother and well today I just had this feeling that I should get back with the [ex] and well I talked to him and he says he regrets going out with TMN girl.. And well I asked if he thinks we have a chance to go out again and he said yes. My question is. you forgive people in life, and something tells me we need to get back.. Everyone said we were both happy together and everything, and that we look good and I agree. We both know how to act together, we just simply match like a puzzle. What should I do? Go for the ex and try again, if it doesn’t work out I can always find someone in highschool because im starting this year. Or try the other boy? Who doesn’t even live close to me, and I really don’t want to hurt my sister..? Thank you so much(L)

Answer #1

leave both them find some-one better its the best thing! if he did it once he will do it again so leave it as friends trust me love ya sis = ]

Answer #2

Dear Mainlove, I’M sorry I didn’t answer you earlier, I was gone out all day. But Hmm, I always say, “ Don’t worry to much, because if you worry, it may actually be something bad “. So just wait and see what happens. Keep on calling and texting… Btw, what was the last thing you said to her before she said ‘sh*t’? If you just want to tell me, message me. If it’s personal, then its okay:) Just don’t worry about it to much, wait and see.

Answer #3

I´m happy to hear it helped you. Just to add something about me and her…Tonight, just like 30 mins ago, I realised I can´t live without her, she is far away from me, but so close in my heart. Now she is missing and I can´t reach her in any way… But that´s another story… To not to get any wrong idea were doing very good, but suddenly today when I was texting to her, her last msg was “sh*t” so I´m most worried I have ever been in my life and I don´t know what to do, if something happened… I tried to text back and even call, but nothing.

Answer #4

Dear, Mainlove, thank you for taking the time to read all of that. I have chosen to, get back with the [ex]. I talked to him and he swore not to leave me this time, I talked to him and said if you do more stupid things, girls will never take you serouisly… He said, ‘ I no ‘. And well he just said, trust me, I wont. To have love you need trust right? So I do. I hope he doesn’t leave me or anything like in the past, but, I have a feeling he wont. Thank you so much, your the only one that gave me great advice:) Much Love:)

Answer #5

I honestly think you should get back with the [ex] because if your getting that feeling “something tells you to get back”, it´s probably faith whispering you. I just don´t say this because I heard about it, but I been through that same feeling many times. Broke up with my g/f many times, never went for another girl like I went for her. 5 years, many brake ups, but still together and I know she loves me from the bottom of her heart and I love her at the same way too.

Good luck in any decicion you will make.

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