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Whatz the monthly salary of a web designer in india or other countries?

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In India? It might be as low as 1-2K (USD) per the US, depending on where you live, the size of the company and your experience, between 2-8K / month...but it really depends on your skills and the value you bring to the business (and your negotiating skills).

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There are many different job titles you might have as a Web designer and thees titles differentiate both your experience and skills. Some average annual salaries include:

* Computer Software Engineers: $90,780 1
* Web Designer, Sr: $85,123 2
* Level 3 Web Designer: $75,017 2
* Database Administrators: $70,260 1
* Web Designer: $65,270 2
* Level 2 Web Designer: $61,208 2
* Writers and Authors: $60,120 1
* Level 1 Web Designer: $50,725 2
* Graphic Designers: $45,340 1

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I think it all depends on how good you are and how many years experience you have. But starting salary for a fresher is around RS 5000 to 7000. In out of india starting salary for a fresher is around 3 to 4 K.

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