Said the wrong thing to the football caption in 8th grade

I was stupid and said sumething really stupid if front of the caption on my 8th grade fotball team and he still hates me im in 9th grade now and he is in 10th. what could I say to him to get back on his good side?

Answer #1

tell him that ou didn’t mean it

and that it was something stupid that happend in middle school and that yall should move on cause know your in high school and you should be more mature and forget the past and move on.

Answer #2

I just want to know what you said to make a person that pissed at you for that long

Answer #3

Tell him your sorry.

Answer #4

Tell him your sorry.

Answer #5

and you know your guys team sufferes because he’s being a butt-head. obviously you can’t play as well as you could if he’s mad at you.

Answer #6

I doint remember but it was when I wasint totaly in love with football at the time so it was pretty bad.

Answer #7

Just tell him that thats all in the past,and that your sorry. And just tell him it’s time he grows up,and gets over that kinda stuff. I mean come on…if hes in tenth grade he shouldnt be acting like that still[:

Answer #8

well as long as you didn’t make smart remarks about doing it with his sister or something then I don’t see the reason for him to act like this, it’s just childish (don’t say THAT to him, of course) but if he doesn’t accept your aplogy then fluk him! he doesn’t deserve any more than that and you’re the better person for it and hey,…maybe that’s not even why he’s mad. maybe it’s something else. or maybe, he secrety has the hots for you, who knows? LOL JUST KIDDING I just don’t like him that’s why I said that.

Answer #9

Tell him sorry and that what you said you didn’t mean. Ask him if you can be friends.

Answer #10

I tried but he wount awnser me and the worst thing I we both play the same postion in football fullback.

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