What is the safest way to travel?

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It's what you prefer- really.

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safest would definitely be walking, what can go wrong?

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its actuly safer to travel by air than land, but im terrified of heights nd well terr.orists so i stick to my car to go anywhere, i even drive cross-country....boy was that fun (sarcasm)

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Every way to travel has its dangers, even walking. For cars, what if your tires slip and you crash? Planes, what if the engine fails? walking, what if a car hits you? I don't think there really is a safest way to travel, they all have dangers that can happen at any time. But ofcourse, there is no point living afraid of the dangers because then you'd be shut alone at home.

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You can get kidnapped, ran over, dehydrated, frost bitten, etc... A lot can go wrong. Haha.

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Probably a successful Apollo moon mission - a quarter of a million miles each way "as the crow flies" (HA-Ha! ) without mishap.

Even if you include the unsuccessful missions - the total number of miles traveled per fatality almost certainty exceeds any other known form of travel.

But I can't be bothered gathering all the necessary statistics in order to prove the point.

Best wishes - Majikthise.

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