Is there any way to deal with wanderlust other than to travel?

I seriously can’t take it anymore. Any ideas on how to stop obsessing over the idea of getting away? Or how to stop feeling so suffocated and trapped? I can’t travel, but I feel like I can’t stay here. I’ve tried looking up ways to get rid of or control feelings of wanderlust, but the only thing I found is to travel -__- Advice?

Answer #1

I never heard of wanderlust. Didn’t even know it was a word until you mentioned it.

Answer #2

yup, it is a word :) I happen to really like that word too haha :)

Answer #3

This describes how I used to be. I could never stay in one place. I was always moving & my friends used to laugh & question why I always did this. And I love going to different places. . Ironic, you would post this.

Answer #4

it slowly is driving me crazy that there is so much out there and I have been in the same place my whole life (granted I am only 16, but still, I know people who have traveled more already than I will probably ever be able to in my life). And I will probably end up like you, always moving once I have the opportunity. May I ask how my post is ironic?

Answer #5

I have it. Ive been to 39 of 50 states. Partly joined the military to get out of my homestate. I got to live in las vegas for 4 years and got to go overseas and see Ireland, Qatar, Saudi Arabi, Kuwait, Iraq, and Germany. I moved back home after I had a kid but now after 2 years I wanna move out of state again. I still dont know how to get rid of that feeling.

Answer #6

Wow you have been all over the map… I really want to see all the continental united states, and Alaska and Hawaii if I’m lucky. Oh and I am super jealous of the fact you got to see Ireland.

Answer #7

it seems that you like exploring places. here is a suggestion that you might want to visit for nightlife.

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