Is it safe to sleep at rest areas overnight?

Answer #1

with a gun under ur head

Answer #2

If you are a truck driver and need to stop it may be ok… i still am not to sure about that. As long as you can lock yourself in and have a guna nd maybe a dog lol

Answer #3

Honestly It depends where you are. Some places are going to be safer then others, but in general no I wouldn’t consider that very safe.

Answer #4

Well, my step mum and grandma were sleeping in their car at one and when she woke up, some guy had jizzed on the outside of the door. Thats just one example of how creepy and rude some people are plus i’ve heard storys of people getting kidnapped or there someone stealing their gas, so no I wouldn’t recommend it. And if you did make sure theres someone else who’s awake to keep watch.

Answer #5

Just get a hotel you cheap sob

Answer #6

Yea it depends of the area i did that once stopped at a rest area cause i was so sleepy and it was to far from the motel. I did sleep in my car had my taser and knife lol woke up to any noise that got close.

Answer #7

I used to do it but only where I felt safe. One thing most people don’t know is that truck stops usually have a truckers lounge. If you walk in like you belong there nobody should give you any trouble. Sacking out a few hours on a couch is going to be better than sleeping in your car. Also, truckers lounges often have showers you can use for a small fee if you want to clean up before hitting the road again.

Answer #8

Even OTR (over the road drivers) carry weapons when sleeping in overnight rest areas. Most will tell you it’s not safe.

Answer #9

my place is safe where ever you want you can sleep ,

Answer #10

I think lots of OTR drivers pack and have “hiding places” for em. I know I would and just hope the DOT did’nt ever look. Whatcha packin Pistol Annie? (I just love that)(just kidding with ya) I’d probably have a compact 9mm that I like. Plenty o’ power and can conceal it. Overall, I’d say it’s much safer for everyone to sleep there than to way too tired behind the wheel and try to keep driving.

Answer #11

We are a military family that moves a lot and we have always used rest stops for naps. Keep your doors locked and you should be fine.

Answer #12

Ive done the cross country drive while moving twice. It just depends on how fast you wanna take things. The first time across with a blazer full of crap I tried going as far as I could then doing the rest stop snooze and I dont recommend it. If you accidently eat too much at a Dennys and an hour later feel drowsy its good to take an hour nap. But for a full nights rest its better to get a good full night of rest in a bed with a nice hot shower in the morning. You will feel much better driving the next day. I took it slow though the second time. I averaged 650 miles a day for 4 days and enjoyed it a lot. Going from Las Vegas to Indiana is neat to see the transition from brown to orange to yellow to green.

Answer #13

I really liked Oregon, I wish I could go back. Why are you moving there?

Answer #14

Given the alternative youmake a good point Onemandog. LOL

Answer #15

I’ve just always wanted to live on the west coast and I have a cousin in Portland that asked me to house sit from April to Sept while he’s out of town. I tried it out last summer and liked it so I’m going back this time for good. Basically just starting over in a new city.

Answer #16

Enjoy the 0% sales tax!

Answer #17

Thanks. There are alot of sleepy people on the road.

Answer #18

I am a truck driver and I didn’t feel very safe at rest areas when I was driving long distance. Normally I would use my GPS to find a 24 Super Walmart and park there or at Truckstops. But rest areas, specially in a car it’s too unsafe. In the truck it’s a little safer because you would be in the sleeper berth area and an intruder may be intimidated about taking so long to get to you and they would have to smash the window and crawl in giving you a good amount of time to give them a good beating. Firearms in trucks is controversial. I never met anybody that has one. Most drivers work for separate employers and many of those employers prohibit firearms in trucks but I believe that drivers that own their own truck could have a hand gun as long as they don’t work for a separate company.

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