Best place to mine silver on Runescape?

where si the best place to mine silver and smelt it then get an anvil to smith your weopn?

took me 4ever just to do iron go back and forth between towns

Answer #1

I have been there but you might die if your a lvl 10-3 from the skeletons so you might want to try the mine close to varrock

Answer #2

I found it but I think the one near varrok(I spell varrock wrong sometimes)is better and faster. NOOBS WONT DIE!!! I am not a noob I am a lvl 73

Answer #3

You can make silver bolts and sickles, you idiot.

Answer #4

not sure but you should go to the german worlds because there is less people. you go to the german worlds by switching your laungage to german on the main page.its on the left somewhere there.

Answer #5

try to get your hands on a brass key, try to buy one, it opens a door slightley north east of the barbarian town and theres plenty of all typs of ore in there

Answer #6

best place to mine silver on runecape is gng to al kirad and go into the ditch (to the left through the doors) and mine silver then (go to the right and theres a bank and a furnace opposite each other but thee is no furnace

Answer #7

oooh alright thaxs people

Answer #8

I think ther best place to mine silver is the al karad mining spot

Answer #9

So far, the best place I found is Al Karid, all you have to do is cross the desert to the mining place, theres many kinds of ores, including silver.

Answer #10

For me I dont really know, near varrock, go down a ladder, you need a brass key where you can buy from G.E, 3 sliver rocks are there, not usually crowded, the sliver ore is like 5 secs per each, whereas in Al karid there is 6 sliver ores but it takes about 11-14 secs till it comes back again. Some non- membs world are preety crowded there. But in Membs Not usually. So It Depends. Hope it Helps

Answer #11

super snakes a retard because mining silver sells so good and smithing it into weapons and armor is a waste, and al kahraid is a bad spot because to many people go there and its way to far from a bank, oh and theres vareily any silver there, but if your wanting to mine coal witch also sells good go to the swamps in lummy, k. your welcome

Answer #12

umm, well, I think either al-kharid ( if you’re members and good at summoning, summon 1 of those things where you can bank ) under varrock, and maybe…that mining spot just south of black arm gang.

there is some under g.e >_< but brass key needed :O go to edgeville dungeon trapdoor and then just walk round till you find some hill giants or easyer way is 2 g.e it oh and BTW low levels, its best to go south of black arm gang because no things att u (al-kharid = scorpians and edgeville dungeon = various ncp’s

ok no more writin … my poor fingers :(

hope this helps lol

Answer #13

you cant make weapons outof silver you idiot and in al-kharide

Answer #14

he said make weapons out of the silver

Answer #15

you guys consider range equipment weapons? and sickles are for making money not weapons.

Answer #16

best place to mine silver is in varrock under the big bank under the G.E there is a mining spot there that has 3 silver ore rocks.

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