Best place to find out games for the playstation two that will fit

Looking for suggestions on where I can find recommendations for playstation two games that will fit my tastes - or if you have any ideas. Specifically I’d like a two player action game that has people with swords, etc, - something like a middle ages kind of scenario. Ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

Answer #1

assasins creed, it is a good game for ps3

Answer #2

Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were a huge hit on ps2 too.

Answer #3

the Prince of Persia series is a really good one for ps2 that fits the criteria that you gave, except it’s single-player only. I can’t think of any others off-hand, but you can look at for basically everything, as they sell used games and new; you can also visit their stores if you don’t like ordering over the internet.

Answer #4

for the ps2 try Dynasty warriors!! very addictive sword fighting open map game!!

Answer #5

You should really try out Ledgend of Dragoon, it’s for 1 player but it is an awesome game!

Answer #6

go to

they both have tons of ps2 games!

Answer #7

dynasty warriors man, best game I’ve ever played fits your needs perfectly

Answer #8

can i just say that i got a second hand x-box(not the 360) for 55 quid at the cex, and that u can buy games from amazon for the x box anything from 2 quid to 20 quid. plus, if you can get hold of it(i got it for 5 quid) u can buy a little thing to slot into the x box so it can be used as a dvd player. i dunno if u r interested, but u can check out the website:

The xbox has LOADS of games available if u can find them as lots of people are selling their old games and xboxes to get the new 360. Fable, Jade empire or soul calibure might suit ur tastes, but the first two are only 1 player. and they r all available on the xbox.

Answer #9

YES!!! thank you darksorads, Kingdom Hearts is the BEST series on a playstation 2, by far!!

not quite two player though, but you can check, and surf around their for a game or two that can fit your interests :)

Answer #10

Hey there - for ps2 games, I think the best places to look are here:

Those are some sites I found by searching around. The best games I’ve played are Spyro, Jak 3, and Sly 2 / though none fit the criteria you mentioned for playstation two games. Try browsing those sites & you might do better - good luck.

U might also try posting a more specific question to get a better answer. ;)

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