How do I run a better 800m?

How do i run a better 800 meter? ive only ran it once and got a 2:25 which my coach said was good for my first time. but my goal is to qualify for state which is a 2:05. any tips?

Answer #1

I’m a 400 guy, but I have done the 800 a few times. Its harder than the 400, even though the 400 is generally the hardest one to do, but the 800 is simple if you can master your endurance and maximize your acceleration. When you start, the first turn has to be taken at 75%, or fast but not fastest. The following straightaway has to be at a little slower but use the momentum you had from the turn to maintain your speed. Thats your speed until the final lap. When you start your final lap, the turn will be probably a bit slower, and then run progressively faster on the straightaway, on the last turn start pushing and on the straightaway give it all you got. I hate the last straightaway, but there is a lot of technique involved in that last segment, talk to a coach about how to properly give it all you got. Its a mind thing, and to block out the lactic acid and bring your knees up, dont trip and just get ahead. its all a mind thing.

Answer #2

Intervals are usually the best way to train for an event like this. Do intervals at a slightly faster speed than you need to run for your event. Perhaps 5 200m intervals, then progress to 3 300m intervals, then finally 2 or 3 400m intervals. I don’t think you should do intervals more than once/week but some coaches think twice is good. The other days do your long stead distance, wind sprints, and weight training. Don’t neglect your arms when weight training. When you stop pumping your arms your pace starts to slow. Mental toughness is what lets you bring it home on the last sector of the race; running this hard is physically and mentally painful; I like what the coach Eddie B says, “welcome the pain.” Good luck!

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