Rude people on this site

If this is a site for making friends and giving advice why do peopel put you down?

I had someone do that to me! I got kinda pissed but didnt do anything back to them I just asked why. Is that an okay reaction?

Why are peopel like that?

And I am not one to judge

Answer #1

never let someone put you down,life is only harsh if you let people walk all over you,stick up for yourself and be rude back but make sure you have the right to be rude back you might just have got the wrong end of the stickxlol

Answer #2

Are you sure it’s rude or they’re giving you honest advice that you ask for and it’s just not what you want to hear?

if someone tries to put you down on purpose you just have to blow it off.

Answer #3

As on most sites like this(ie. communication etc), there are some bad apples that spoil things, but abusive members are weeded out quickly as possible. Also, it depends on if they have a harsh opinion, or they are specifically harsh to you. Some people are pretty blunt with their ideas, and that can be taken as offensive/hurtful, but they don’t nessacarily put you down. If it happens again, and you think it is enough to warrant a complaint, click on ‘report abuse’ at the bottom of the message/answer. Britz

Answer #4

it’s people flexing their internet muscles. reality is a harsh world for wimpy people, but on the internet, anyone who can articulate can be tough and in many cases, downright mean. some of it has to do with people being able to take a joke, though. sometimes I’ll throw out an answer that isn’t really helpful at all, but is funny. sometimes the humor is at the expense of the person who asked the question. you’ve gotta just take it in stride. I do it to keep the advice fun. fun for me, fun for readers that realize it’s a joke…not fun for those who take it seriously. sorry to those who can’t laugh.

Answer #5

your right on some areas but somtimes you need to here the truth no matter what and its not always good, thats life as loulou said if there rude on purpose scew them

Answer #6

People are like that outside this site as well. Threy are just mean ‘cause they feel like it.

Answer #7

Why do people put you down wherever? Could be for several reasons, you either annoyed them unintentionally, they’re in a bad mood and taking it out on you, or they make themselves feel better by putting others down. Generally ignoring them is the best way to deal with it. If they’re harassing you, try the report abuse button (bottom of the answers), or funmail one of the advisors, or use the contact us link at the bottom to get to one of the admin

Answer #8

I just actually left a person a commentand it wasn’t. that nice and now I feel bad. when people do that they just may b annoyed at something and taking it’s out on someone else. they may not always mean what they say

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