Can I risk getting a virus on my computer if I download a movie from the internet?

Answer #1

Yes, depending on your computer’s software. For example if you have a P.C. you are probably more at risk, but if you have a mac then your probably less at risk.

Answer #2

Yes definately. Most movie downloading websites are all spam and viruses.

Answer #3

yea igot viruses from doin tht before

Answer #4

yea, pretty much everything you do on the internet has a risk of getting a virus,, but u dont need to download a movie to watch it, there are sites u can google that let u watch it online for free

Answer #5

yea I have a P.C :(

Answer #6

yea I know (: but I just wanted to download it so I don’t have to look for it if I ever wanted to watch it again(: but thank you !!!

Answer #7

smh dang !

Answer #8

smh_- V_v thanks(:

Answer #9

yup now my comp is DONE hahah it doesnt work at all now smh

Answer #10

see if u can watch it online without downloadin it

Answer #11

There is always a chance of a virus. It all depends on where you download the movie from. I download all of my movies through Pirate Bay and Bittorent, and I’ve never had a virus.

Answer #12

well, it really really depends on where you download the movie from. for examples, if you wanted to download a movie, at least make sure you trust the site, virus scan the file, and make sure (if you have an anti-virus) ro run a scan on the file before running it. I really recommend Spyware Terminator because it tells you the potential risk of downloading a file and it’s very easy to use. Also before you download a file, you have to see the size, most movies have a large MB file size. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the size: if it is smaller than a regular movie then I recommend not to download because it could be a virus. I personally do not like downloading movies of the internet for the same reason. I preferably watch them online for free. For example, I know a website that has a list full of movies with recent updated links so you can watch them for free (for the most part, the quality isn’t so bad).

Answer #13

Yes specially those from the torrent sites.. But not most of the time, I have a lot of downloaded movies but I have never got any virus yet, just make sure your computer has antivirus so it will notify you if you have downloaded one.

Answer #14

“Most movie downloading websites are all spam and viruses”,,,, That is NOT true! I’ve downloaded movies and music for the last ten years, and I have very seldom got a virus from it. Just check the files before you run them. No danger at all if you have a antivirus program.

Answer #15

Yes. Get original anti virus suitable to your soft ware and keep it updated :-D

Answer #16

ive never had a virus from downloading a film..

  1. use the most secure browser: firefox

  2. use a good anti-virus: avg


Answer #17

ok thank you(:

Answer #18

ok thanks

Answer #19

ok thank you(:

Answer #20


Answer #21

I have avast free antivirus something like that my dads friend put it in .. I’m just reading the name of the prgram thingy lol

Answer #22

whats the website called cause I was going on this one website but it wont let me see movies I really want to watch unless I download something or the movie itself

Answer #23

dang sorry_- & I could but the ones I do want to watch takes me to another site that I can only watch 72 minutes of it & then wait 30 minutes to see the rest or I could register which I got to pay for & its irritating me

Answer #24

Yes & No If U Have A Firewall Installed And And A Lot Of Antivirus Software & Anti-Hacker Programs.

Answer #25

oh ok

Answer #26

i like your plan

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