What to do when you might have been ripped off on a second hand website?

I found an iPhone 4s on a second hand website for 200 euros with everything included, guarantee etc so i sent half of the money last thursday and i sent an email to the guy asking him to tell me when he's sent the iphone so i know when to expect it, but he hasnt replied... If worst comes to worst and he doesnt reply or send the phone what should i do??

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By what means did you make this payment? Via Paypal? Via bank transfer? Via cheque?

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Via bank transfer!

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I'd go to your bank see if they can get the seller to authorize a payment reversal. Otherwise, I think your only other option is going to court filing a small claim. I also hear if you go to the police they will give you forms to fill out though I am not sure if this will get you your money back. Advice for the future, if you are going to buy something online I suggest you pay via Paypal, this way you will have a easier time filing a claim or resolving a dispute as they hold both the seller and buyer's information including a credit card. I was recently scammed by a user off of Ebay luckily I paid with Paypal and was willing to get a full refund.

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