Should i still do research for a scholarship in photography?

I was thinking about this ever since I left church an hour ago. Even though I'm enlisting in the National Guard, should I still do some research for a scholarship in photography?

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i think so

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honestly i think if your interested in photography and are passioniate about it then you should.


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Yes, of course. You should always try to follow through your interests and passions. If not you may bed up regretting that you didn't!

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yes i really think you should! even though you join any military it doesn't mean you're going to stay in it all your you should always have other options also..and if you really love photography then go for it!!!


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Next question is. What website do I go to just to find that scholarship?

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i'll list a couple of sites you can visit that might help..and if none of these help..just message back and we'll try to find something for you ok..=D

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