How do I either remove someone that is following me and I am not following them, or at least block them so I am not getting flooded with their updates and


Answer #1

Click ‘my followers” or the other one, eg, people you are following on the right side of your profile page, then click ‘stop following $username” to stop following them.

Answer #2

Where is the stop following option, I am not getting one?

Answer #3

No matter what I do I dont get the stop following option

Answer #4

block them or tell the to stop

Answer #5

It’s your profile URL…added to that ?following=1 :)

Answer #6

If they are following you, you can’t stop them. You can stop following them, but not in reverse. Who they follow is their choice I guess. You can request for them not to follow you, and most people will gladly do so. I saw a situation like that not long ago. Otherwise, you’re slightly stuck with them.

Answer #7

You only get updates from people YOU are following. People get updates from you when you are FOLLOWING them. SO its easy to stop getting updates, just stop following people, or turn auto-follow off.

Answer #8

You are wrong, The people I am following are the only ones I am NOT getting spammed by. I think I am just going to delete my account. This new setup is really stupid and I can’t control anything in it. This is the worst setup I have seen in these sites. I only see one idea I liked in it

Answer #9


Fake info, you skipped reading the rules AND you’re clearly b!tching about a problem that DOES NOT EXIST.

WHAT is your problem?

In any case, you don’t have one now :) B/c your account is now on ice, permanently.

Answer #10

I love the way you block People :)

Answer #11

I think there should still be an option so I won’t have to ask people to stop following me. Like. Maybe I want only people over 18 to follow me.

Answer #12

You can make your profile private, and not auto follow people, then you can pick who you allow to follow you….I think.

Answer #13

So @thedude is right.

  1. Turn off auto-follow
  2. Prune your following list

So, how do you prevent people following you? People will be naturally interested in other people following them, so there is not much you can do about that since FunAdvice is publicly viewable (except user profiles).

Generally its a philosophical issue, if you don’t want people to follow you, then you’re not here to help others we think. At its essence FunAdvice is a site about helping others, not having others follow you, to me, means you don’t want to help others.

This is another reason that we only started awarding points for things like questions, howtos and videos that are instructional in nature.

Answer #14

Just following up that we never positioned ourselves like other large social networks. We never promised one thing, and gave you another. We have always been open – in fact, more open than now.

Answer #15

Why I can’t remove this person @bristol ? When I click where it says “All” She doesn’t show up but it says that I am following her.

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