Drinking two glasses of red wine per day?

Why could drinking red wine wine in moderation be bad for you? Please give me several reasons. Like a glass or two daily.

Answer #1

Actually, drinking a glass of red wine a day has healthy benefits.

Answer #2

I’ve only heard good things about drinking red wine.

Answer #3

One drink of either red wine or alcohol slightly benefits the heart and blood vessels, but the positive effects on specific biological markers disappear with two drinks: http://www.news-medical.net/?id=35220

Answer #4

Its good for your blood and it let your food digested well.

Answer #5

Drinking any type of alcohol can never be entirely good for you and even though many studies have shown positive results. One particular study did indeed show two thirds of people benefitting from the alcohol however while the third showed a small trend in the reverse direction. None of the studies picked out wine as being majorly beneficial. When compared with other alcoholic beverages, scientists found similar results; it may not be what the wine contains but the actual alcohol itself. Burst blood vessels in or around the brain cause fifteen percent of all strokes. These blood vessels can cause major bleeding and alcohol does not have the properties to protect against haemorrhagic strokes, it is thought that even very few units of alcohol a day can double of treble the risk of suffering from a haemorrhagic stroke. These are quite frightening figures.
Heavy drinks have a higher chance of developing cancer the upper digestive system – throat and oesophagus – than non drinkers. A study was carried out on 30,000 Danish people who regularly drank alcohol – these _ increased the chance developing cancer of the upper digestive system by three – fives times than compared to non-drinks. Wine is thought to contain several anti-cancer agents yet it has not been shown to block any tumour growth. There are also other obvious drawbacks of drinking wine, it may lead to consuming an over excessive amount, if an adult was to exceed their limits this raises the blood pressure and damages the liver, heart and the brain. Alcohol causes impotence and infertility; it also during pregnancy puts pressure on the fetus and has the ability to damage it. Alcohol can also lead to violence and accidents. By consuming alcohol is increase sympathetic nerve activity, heart rate, and the amount of blood the heart pumps out, and also blunt the ability of the brachial artery to expand further in response to blood flow. Also it is not recommended for people with diabetes, another health risk to take into consideration when consuming the alcoholic beverage. Drinking alcohol on a regular basis can also lead to binge drinking. People who drink alcohol also consume empty calories, calories that lack nutrients and can lead to weight gain.

Five ounces white or red wine = approximately 120 calories.  Drink a bottle of wine (4 glasses), and you’ll be consuming about 480 calories (that’s the equivalent of two 20-ounce Cokes!). 
Here’s how alcohol compares to carbohydrate/protein/fat:

1 gram carb = 4 calories 1 gram protein = 4 calories 1 gram fat = 9 calories 1 gram alcohol = 7 calories Drinking red wine is not recommended also for people who suffer from migraines. Red wine can trigger these headaches off and should be avoided. It is quite a heavy alcoholic drink. The colour is very rich which comes from the skin of the grape, the skins are very acidic and contain a multitude of substances. Red wine also Increase sympathetic nerve activity, heart rate, and the amount of blood the heart pumps out, and also blunt the ability of the brachial artery to expand further in response to blood flow. Alcohol Limits Women are advised not to exceed three units of alcohol per day; this is equivalent to wine good sized glass of red wine. Men are not to exceed to exceed more than four units of red wine per day; this is equivalent to two glasses.

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