Realy good adult teen halloween games?

Does anyone know, find or create and realy good adult, teen halloween games??? im 16, having a massive party, horror, sexual, silly, drink games, anythink thanks xxx

Answer #1

mmkay, who are you the counsellor guy in south park… mmkay

Answer #2

dude, chill the hell down, mmkay? im partly straightedge, if you cant handle that then lay off, k? im partial, and I know that, so who are you to say im not?

haha mmkay, im the dumbass, ahh you make me giggle =]]

aww, you said im not THAT important, aww thanks hun, but I find you not important…at all =]

hmm, well you see, if I were to actually waste my time and type out all the numerous reasons why you are, id be a waste, and it would only give you more reasons to argue, now wouldnt it? =]

Answer #3

Your either straight edge or your not, there is no in between, if you drink you are not straightedge so stop claiming you are. Straightedge = not drinking any type of alcohol, no doing any drugs and not partaking in any casual sex. Its simple those are the rules if you break one you break all. You can’t be halfway straightedge just like you can’t just eat chicken but no other meat and call yourself a vegetarian.

And intelligible is a completely real word, grab a dictionary look it up, google it, ask if its a real word on funadvice, I don’t care. It just proves how much of dumbass you are if you don’t believe it.

And no, I don’t lie. I know you’d rather not believe me but again, I don’t care if you believe me or not it doesn’t keep me up at night. You aren’t that important.

Also, I still want to know what makes me a pedophile. If you could explain that I’d be enthralled.

Answer #4

um, I’m Russian to wtf does that have to do with anything? Thats really stereotypical, seriously grow up.

and you go ahead and have guys like all over your stomach in your body shots, I”m pretty sure no one else is gonna follow your example.

And I just looove how you went back and edited your previous posts, what can’t come up with a good enough comeback first time around? haha.

Oh and wtf does Shakespeare have to do with not drinking? He drank at local pubs all the time. And I dunno where you got your information but doesn’t amish = no modern machinery…aka the internet… so seriously wtf. And back in the Amish days?’…the Amish still exist today.

I mean I just think your either really uneducated or really stupid.

Answer #5

Yeah Mellymoo your right,


Your not straghtedge, stop being a poser.

Answer #6

Could every1 just stop arguing on this question, everytime you do it sends me an e-mail and whats the point its got nothing to do with what I asked, none of this is helpful, I mean whats the point of the site, do people just come on to have a go at each other, please stop because its getting annoying, I wish id neva signed up xxx

Answer #7

Haven’t you guys totally lost the topic here? Not that it’s not amusing to read through, but still?

Answer #8

dulllikeglitter yes, body shots, get out and have some fun just cause you do body shots dosent mean anything other then the fact that you know how to have funn mmkay? =]

Answer #9

nah, I just dont bother to pay attention =]

haha mmkay, says the one that uses made up vocabulary words =] whatever floats your boat =]

I never said I was COMPLETLEY straightedge I said I occasionally drink but I dont smoke, nor do I do drugs =]] in case you didnt catch that (which obviously you didnt)

aww, well thats so considerate of you, but really, you think I give a chit what your telling me? =] cute you think that

LMFAO!!! ya, thats exactly why you cant even post an actual picture of you, right? haha dude whats with all the lies? =]

Answer #10

Like I said before, I do drink…but, I guess you didn’t catch that, you sure do miss a lot.

And yes I know you don’t understand what intelligible means but here let me explain it to you. Intelligible means clean, easily comprehended and logical. If you are trying to make yourself sound intelligible you are trying to make yourself sound like you know what your talking about (which in your case you clearly don’t.)

God I hate straight edge poser brats like you.

Why are you so sure I can’t get a guy if you haven’t seen a picture. Sweetie I really don’t need your approval. In all honesty I don’t care what you think.

If you reallly wanted to see me you could search through the Fall Out Boy music video for dance dance, I’m there there somewhere as well as quite a few magazines.

Answer #11

haha more intelligible? honey, I think you need to edit your dictionary, or at least sue whoever wrote it =]

haha mmkay, so you just decide not to throw a picture of you up there because…? ah! I know it! cause you know no matter how hard youll try, you wouldnt be able to get body shots done off you? haha thats ok sweetie, dont be too down with yourself =]]

lmfao and who said that I let random guys do it? you crack me up, I dont let just anybody do it, so get your facts righht, mmkay hun?

haha its not witless if you know how yo control youself, maybe thats why you dont drink? cause your a raging alcohol addicted whor* who cant stop? you should really tell someone about your issue =]]

Answer #12

pedophile sk*nk? What exactly makes me a pedophile? Are you just pulling long words out of your very short vocabulary to make you sound more intelligible?

And the picture is from the show scrubs…its really not that hard to figure out. Good show. And don’t worry I know you changed your comments because where you said ‘excuse me’ its now gone and you made it anonymous for some reason? I’m more perceptive than that not to notice. I don’t really care its just funny that you changed your comeback due to my response. You can go ahead and regret what you say all you want.

And believe me I have my fun drinking I just don’t have random guys do body shots off my half naked body like you so gaudily enjoy. And I didn’t drink as young as 16, that’s just witless.

Answer #13

yhaha really? so do tell me, you pedophile ska** why is there a pic of a guy on your profile? =] too scared youd be picked on? haha

I dont have it that often, its happened like two- three times and I assure you, it was a blast =]

ohh and btw, I dont change my comments, you just love to think your right, now dont you?

I still say you should go get drunk and live a little and please, me insipid? I doubt it, unlike some, I know a lot more than you would assume, mmkay?? =]

Answer #14

I said im not totally straightedge im russian, so of course I occasionally drink, mmkay hun? =]

and like I said, im still a virgin, im simply saying its not gonna kill this girl to get out and have some fun in her life

im also saying doint take it too far mmkay?

and besides, it looks like itll do you some good too go get drunk and live a little people make mistakes, better to make them youig and learn from them, eh?

Answer #15

I must say reading this lil debate has given me my first smile of the day, but what people dont realise is 80% of teenage girls are skanks, I’m not complaining I used to be all for it, but I naturally matured and settled down with a girlfriend. So its best to get your mistakes out the way young and you will naturally mature :)

Answer #16

aha wtf are you talking about?

Don’t get mad at me cause you lost your virginity some drunk night to someone you weren’t even dating. Don’t you just love saving it for someone special?

Thats your prerogative sweetie.

And why are you suggesting body shots when you claim to be straightedge? Doesn’t that go against everything you stand for. I just love your sense of moral balance…

Answer #17

Why thank you mrs. I have no clue how to live life go read a book by shakespear will you ohh and btw, I dont believe they had computers back in the amish days so you might want to get off and put the skirt back on that covors your ankles ohh, and you cant forget your bonnet now can you? OH! and while your at it, wont you churn me some butter? cause everyone knows thats how you folk had a good time =]

Answer #18

Thats just disgusting…and again, how does that make you not a skank?

Seriously Sallyanne, don’t listen to nervous_ness321, she obviously knows really well about whoring herself out and I’m sure you don’t want to be anything like her, who would? Save the body shots for college.

A little bit of a provocative costume I understand but, I’m sure you don’t want to act like a stripper.

Answer #19

Grow up it was a suggestion I know people that lost their virginity at 11, thats what I call a skank not a soon-to-b-adult having a good time

ohh anddd, as a matter of fact I wouldnt know about whoring myself abstinance until marriage.

but that dosent mean I cant have fun in my lifetime like that bi** who seems like she has a thong wedged upp tooo far up her as=]

Answer #20

I disagree with your 1st comment its ok if you have a pretty yet a bit skankish outfit I did last year and im about to turn 16 it drives the guys crazy =]] drinking? nothing wrong with it, as long as you know when to stop im russian so it runs in my blood haha

body shots would be a good one if theres guys you like truth or dare

those are my personal two favorites =]]

Answer #21

Xd if your a teen having that kind of party I don’t know why you included the word adult. but heres some things you could do at the party ifthats what your asking.. seven minutes in heaven spin the bottle truth or dare XD thats all I can think of right now… have fun! MD

Answer #22

If your 16 you shouldn’t be having drinking games or wanting to wear a slutty costume no one thinks its cute and you’ll be labeled a skank.

Answer #23

You’re excused.

Answer #24

body shots??? are you kidding?

Answer #25

LMAOO I know right? Well im gonna answer your question. I agree with the first answer but you can play spin the bottle. you can turn off all the lights and make sure its completely dark and you can just grab someone pull them in the closet and…all that good stuff

And you both are right ok. so stfu and deal. XxmexX

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