wwe is real or fake in just simple words yes or no?

I wanted to know that are wwe is real or fake in just simple words yes or no?

Answer #1

It depends on how u look at it, if you think of in terms of football basketball or other competive sports then yes it is fake: the moves are planned, storylines fake, and the result is pre-decided. But if you look at wrestling as compared to figure skating or gymnastics, and other coreographed sports, then it is not fake. It is athletes putting on a performance with real bumps and bruises.

Answer #2

Fake…it’s always been fake, and it is scripted. I know someone who is a wrestler, and they get scripts before each “fight”. Sorry.

Answer #3

the fighting is real but tha talking is not.I watched tha larry king show and vince,hhh,y2j,mayweather and the big show where their an were talking about wwe and they said tha fighting is real.its not scripted in a way too because they have story writers tell them the basics abou wats going to happen and they make it up themselfs as they go along.they(wwe)want us too know that part of it is fake.why do they call it world wrestling ENTERTAINMENT.ITS LIKE A SHOW,they got fighting,drama and romance.its cool and not fake.they want it to be like that.they arnt hideing it froom us.its like boxing.they dont lie to us and say the boxing glove is hard…its soft simple but it still hurts like hell.

Answer #4


the floor is not as hard as it sounds there are mics under them. the chairs and tables are real the noises u hear from the guys are them telling the other dude what they are going to do. the blood is all real the cut themselves when no one is looking or they are down on the ground

so ya its fake but some parts are real

Answer #5

It is fake but sometimes they do stunts wrong and people get hurt like john cena

Answer #6

its a real fake intertainment sport lol have u ever been in a real fight u would know it only takes 1 or 2 gud shots and the guy will be out cold its all a put on show 2 make money its just a job 2 them

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Answer #9

It basically a big drama so it mostly fake but da moves they use etc… Are all real

Answer #10

Wrestling? Professional wrestling, close you ears kiddies, is fake. All week wrestlers spend hours in “wrestling school” when they start out in smaller wrestling businesses, like XCW, which often pass the wrestlers on to the more popular WWE. The winner is decided ahead of time, to follow the story plot. Really, wrestling is a story about all the wrestlers, a ridiculous story mostly, but a story.

In example…They often introduce new wrestlers by having them beat the famous big time wrestlers, setting the big time wrestlers, usually the more famous wrestlers up for what looks like the downfall to their career, but then they’ll make a big comeback and thus the two wrestlers are rivals with an old grudge, continuing the story. It is real in that they do beat the hell out of each other, but they know how to fight safely, so that the winner doesn’t cause permanent damage to the job, the loser in the match. It’s all very fake. But people still like it.

Answer #11

fake. Its fake. F A K E.

Please read this wikipedia article in full. Reading it in less than full is an injustice. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professional_wrestling

Answer #12

It is not a simple yes or no answer the moves are real but performed in safe ways. It is all rehearsed but i don’t personally know. It is hard to believe it is rehearsed but good sources say it is. What pisses me of is when people say they are not athletes it might be rehearsed but they are still in their jumping around and doing flips and that is athletic.

Answer #13

its all real iwas watching tv and ray masterio was telling how wrestiling isnt fake

Answer #14

People could die in the ring from accidents. There are always accidents, but if part of it is fake then I doubt that they would cut themselves. If they are going to make part of it fake then they might as well make the bleeding fake because that is dangerous and unsanitary. I’m sure it is all fake. The stage must be made of a trampoline-like material and the chairs are trick chairs that or detach so that they look like they break. It’s all fake or else it wouldn’t be allowed in the US or it would be boxing.

Answer #15

yes if it is not real how do people die in the ring (owen hart)

Answer #16

totally fake. every single wrestler is an actor/actress in some way. everything is scripted and rehearsed to prevent injury. but some injuries actually happen accidentally.

Answer #17

it is real in turms of pain but it is set up

Answer #18

I’ve been a part of the wwe community for a long time now. The answer to your question put simply is ‘fake’. But parts of it are real.

The whole story, the fights and everything else are scripted and rehearsed for weeks before the actual performance but there are parts that are real. You can’t really fake flying through the air in moves or jumping off ladders but there are aspects that make this easier. The canvas (floor) is loose, allowing for shock absorption. The actors have been to ‘wrestling school’ to teach them to fight safely. The tables/chairs are airated, so they break easily and don’t hurt. But, in conclusion, it is fake.

Answer #19

I personally think that its how you look at it. sure matches are made months in advance but would you rehearse a fight that your going to be in even if its in a month. the ring is their to protect the wrestlers its made to dampen the blows that they take so accidents like ownen heart dont happen every week and so injuries are less frequent so wrestlers dont spend most of their year in rehab only to wrestle one night and get reinjured. they do pull their punches but they do connect why dont you try having someone punch you as hard as they can then try having them hit you not as hard which way would you last longer. the tables and chairs are real but the tables are less enforced so you go through them with less force less chance of injuries. if you think its fake take a chair hit something as close to a humane body as possible and see how loud it is then if you still thinks its fake have a friend hit you in the back with a chair see how it feels. yes I think wrestling is real but they do make matches in advance but do not practice. they are trained to take hits like a missle drop kick like to start falling to lessen the impact but watch a lot of the wwe and watch for that move see how it has a bigger effect on them when the dont start falling.

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