Is WWE real?

I can’t believe that WWE is real. I think it is all a bunch of fake horse poopy so that grown men can hold each other and guys can watch this and feel good about themselves.

Are they really athletes? Aren’t they all on steroids?

Answer #1

no, its all acting. they have scripts.

I mean, think about it. how are they going to get beat up like that and not have any bruises or anything on them the next week. thats just impossible. if it were real, theyd all have black eyes and stuff. they can really get hurt but its usually all just a big facade.

Answer #2

It’s not real in the sense of fighting. It’s a dramazation of fighting. Just like Shakespere’s plays, they are not real, but a dramazation of his poetry. Wrestling is entertainment. It’s not suppose to be real, so how can it be fake? To tell you the truth, it is a lot harder to do what they do and make it look real, than to really beat the mes out of each other

Answer #3

WWE, NWO, any type of wrestling that you watch with people like Sting and Undertaker, it’s all fake. all of it is scripted and rehearsed and the matches are decided and written before the wrestlers step into the ring. most of them do take some sort of steroid, but there are a few that don’t.

people are often confused about how real it is, and at points it does become real when someone gets hurt or something of the sort. I don’t remember his name (maybe Owen Hart?), but a few years back a wrestler was doing some grand entrance and coming down from a fixture on a cable and it snapped and he died. and other instances wrestlers are hurt because the mess up a move or something goes wrong with a prop.

but when it comes down to it, it’s all set up for the viewers enjoyment and none of it is as real as it seems. they’re paid actors/actresses. each episode is written. its scripted.

Answer #4

I’ll Agree with jw4life WWE IS REAL YES YES YES

Answer #5

Some is real, and some is fake.

Answer #6

Dear jumpinjesi, WWE is not real in the sense that they are just going in the ring and trying to kill each other. They are like actors; they rehearse together each and every move they make in the ring. The chairs, tables etc. they use are props…some are called break aways (made from light materials) and others are real but are never used with full force on their opponents. The human body can only get so big even with a large amounts of exercise and good genes so the males/females who look extra large could be taking some type of chemical to help them develop larger muscles. So hold them in regard as you would actors/actresses. Sue

Answer #7

I say it’s not real.If it WAS real,those guys would probably kill each other.

Answer #8

if you really want to no if the WWE is real or not. Ask Hulk Hogan (Terry Borealis I think is how you spell his name). I have had friends who knew Hulk Hogan personally and he told me everything. So the WWE is real but some of the punches, kicks ect. are fake or scripted.

Answer #9

Its all just script. after the show they probraly go party

Answer #10

mentalmandy, I’ve been a part of the WWE community for some time now. You’re right in part of what you said. There are parts of wrestling that are real, like jumping off ladders and such but the canvas (the floor) is loose to absorb shock as the wrestler lands. ALL of the fighting, matches and winning/losing is scripted and practised for weeks before it’s actually performed.Watch it closely. Do any of the punches or kicks actually connect? No. So, without using the word ‘fake’, wrestling actually isn’t real. It’s scripted and acted. But it’s still awesome.

Answer #11

in away they are like actrors and actresses/they get paid for who they play.and sometime they put on a great act.alot of the hitting is real.some of the blood is real too.i have a cousin thats on wwe.if u would like more info -shout me a email.tys.

Answer #12

I think its real when they do the moves but for winning I think its scripted and that of fighting at home like what Randy Orton did fight John cena’s father I think its acting and if you take a closer look his father was wearing something inside the tracksuit I saw it myself but I was relieved and someone like randy would not do such a thing its acting when it comes to winning and stories of hatred

Answer #13

Ok. At first I though it was real. it is, in a way. like legendkiller said, WWE decides the outcomes and the actual athletes make up how it’s going to turn out. Now, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the fighting is real. oh boy is the fighting real. I don’t think many people can fake being slammed into the security walls and just say oh that didn’t hurt, I just did that for the entertainment. no, there is a lot of shock going into your body after you hit that wall, even if it is semi-soft. like a boxing glove. and even the concrete floors. you tell me that you can slam your head on the floor and still be perfectly fine.

Although, if the match goes out of hand and the athletes go rough, it does get very real. They can disobey the WWE orders and bend the match to where the other one wins, if I’m right. Believe it or not, Rnady Ortin and John Cena are good friends outside of WWE. Really. You can look it up even if it looks like they hate each other on WWE. you can always see that smile on John Cena when he looks at Randy too. Just watch. you’ll see it. that’s because they are good friends. maybe that’s a lil bit under explained but it’s true.

So, I will say that WWE is 80% real and 20% scripted. That’s my final answer.

Answer #14

wwe is a sport entertainment… hense the word entertainment… there are many risks in the wwe its not fake and entertainment yes but risks are high

for all you people that say its fake .. have you eva taken it up? because I have and believe me it hurrts… so try it then all you tw*ts wil realise that it does have serious risks to it…

Answer #15

the fighting is real but tha talking is not.I watched tha larry king show and vince,hhh,y2j,mayweather and the big show where their an were talking about wwe and they said tha fighting is real.its not scripted in a way too because they have story writers tell them the basics abou wats going to happen and they make it up themselfs as they go along.they(wwe)want us too know that part of it is fake.why do they call it world wrestling ENTERTAINMENT.ITS LIKE A SHOW,they got fighting,drama and romance.its cool and not fake.they want it to be like that.they arnt hideing it froom us.its like boxing.they dont lie to us and say the boxing glove is hard…its soft simple but it still hurts like hell.

Answer #16

it look real

Answer #17

I only want to say john cina is best friend of randy orton

Answer #18

Of course wrestling is real. I do wrestling myself and I can confidently say anyone who has doubts of whether wrestling is real or not, go try it out. It hurts. It takes a hell of an athlete to step inside a ring, whether it be WWE, TNA, ROH whatever. Wrestling, the sport itself; isn’t fake. How can you fake a chair shot? How can you fake a 20ft jump off a ladder? You can’t. When I come home from wrestling I at least bring about 15 bruises home with me. That’s just how it goes, you’re going to get hurt and you just have to be willing to accept that. It takes a tough person who can tolerate pain. Plain and simple.

Now, as for WWE, yes some aspects of the show are scripted. I don’t like using the word fake, so I don’t plan to. They per-determine the matches, the creative team think of story lines, and the wrestlers who are in the ring aren’t out there to paralyze their opponent. They’re out there to wrestle; and to keep their opponent SAFE whilst doing it. Wrestling isn’t about physically breaking someone’s neck, or injuring them intentionally. Accidents happens, go figure.

Take a look at the Benoit incident, the stress of wrestling and steroids got to him so bad that he felt the need to kill himself; as well as his son and wife. Whether it be he had brain damage or not; the sport of wrestling, and the WWE is very demanding.

Answer #19

fake. they have a script and pick a winner before they fight. and they have razor so if they get hit in the head with the chair and you see them grading their head, they are cutting themselves. so it’s FAKE. but some actually do fight, but even then they still pick the winnner before they fight, so technically it’s still fake.

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