Rating Scheme For Answers

There have been a couple of posts about people wondering why others don’t rate answers that much. I know some people do, but not everyone. I’m completely guilty for that, I don’t really ever rate answers. The reason why I don’t rate answers is because I feel as though I either have to really love the answer to rate it, or hate the answer to rate it. Most of the time its somewhere in between, so I don’t bother to rate it. I personally think there should be a different type of rating scheme, another option. People need to know that their advice was helpful. So, instead of “yes” or “no” there should maybe be like “Bad” “Okay” “Good” “The Best” type of thing so that the user knows if they need to improve their answers. Anyone else like the idea?

Answer #1

I’m not sure about the rating scale, but I always rate NO on the answers where people type LiKe tHiS JuSt TO bE AnNoYiNg. I don’t even read those, I just ignore them.

Answer #2

lol, making the answer longer isn’t really going to make it any more or less helpful. actually, the really long ones I hardly bother to read them because 95% of it is usually just sugar-coated mumbo jumbo. but whatever floats your boat mannn. if you want this change on funadvice then I think you should send this to thedude, I’m sure you know that he’s always asking us to suggest ways to improve the site.

Answer #3

I didn’t say anything about re-editing answers. I said “so that the user knows if they need to improve their answers”… not go back and change it. Just improve their answers overall like; length, ideas, grammar, punctuation, etc.

Answer #4

honestly, nooo. because I think an answer is either beneficial to the question, or it wasn’t. I rate answers all the time, just by asking myself, “do I think that was helpful?’ if it wasn’t then it gets a no, if it is helpful in the slightest, then I rate yes. I don’t think people would even bother to even actually go back and improve their answer if it was rated “O.K,” because it’s to much work. we usually do the best we personally can the first time around, and really it’s all about OUR personal view on their problem. if we wanted just PERFECT positive re-edited answers from everyone then we might as well just get a robot to do it.

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