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When you rate someones advice they have given, do you rate it helpfull because you agree and like their advice or because its true. I see lots of answers that are the truth and very accurate but have been rated not helpful…I think some poeple are in denile and they don’t want to hear what is right. Whats the point in asking if you don’t want to know the truth and opinion.? Tell me what you think. I can see rating someones answer not helpful if it is really pointless, but rating it o% just becuase its not what you want to hear is immature and dumb…what do you think?

Answer #1

yes, a lot of people dont like hearing the truth. then again a lot of people dont like hearing ignorance and falsehoods… ofcourse it’s hard for the person saying it to know they’re being ignorant. That’s kinda the problem with ignorance…

Answer #2

Yes it is immature and dumb, but people are emotional and they dont just rate logically… I just ignore it if people mark me down for no good reason…

Answer #3

The rating system is an envaluable manipulation tool. Crackpot ideas can and tend to be bolstered to the top of the class. There are roving gangs of personality champions. A like-minded cadre who rate each others answers favorably… 5 members in the clique… and lo and behold many times a member of the clique is thrust to the lime light with 4 favorable ratings. I like to rate any such obvious deception unfavorably for the hell of it all.

I’m uncertain of how the placements are calculated… but in the past I’ve noticed that an answer with 4 favorable and 1 unfavorable… holding an 80% approval rating is supplanted by an answer with 1 favorable rate and 100% approval rating. As this isn’t always the case… I’m not entirely sure what criteria is used to establish a posts place… but it is a strategical way of countering the laud squads.

I often rate people favorably for creative answers given… for answers that show a unique perspective not previously espoused… and for answers so provocative or naive that they must be the result of an honest purveyor.

I think my overall approval rating is less than 50% I couldn’t be prouder. I haven’t intentionally elicited a negative rating for a while now… and I think the fact that I am still below the dividing line for worthy answers only places a smarmy grin on my flustered face. Praise is only as good as its provider.

Answer #4

I agree, I know theres people that rate my answers not helpful just b/c I simply speak the truth and they hate it, so they mark it unhelpful. thats fine, if they want to be that immature and do that, go right ahead. but as its been said, not only the asker rates answers, people that are reading the question also rates, I think some people rates them unhelpful b/c as I have said they dont like you or they dont like what you said b/c what you said is the truth. and some marks it b/c its truely unhelpful. some people answers questions with I dont know or google it, thats not helpful. but for the most part, people just dont like the truth so to get back at you they rate it unhelpful, however there are some situations where people dont even answer the question or they say something really stupid ; that has nothing to do with the question

Answer #5

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

  Do you realize that it isn’t just the Asker of the Question who can rate Answers? Anyone and everyone can rate them. There are some people on this site who rate answers based upon whether they like the Answer or not, not necessarily just on the quality of their Answer.

I believe we are limited to rating 3 Answers. Accordingly I tend to only rate Answers when they are especially good or exceptionally bad.

Answer #6

I agree with you, but sometimes, you dont get the ansrew to the question your asking…you know what I mean??? like…if someone answers a totally different thing, or doesent even answer you, and just writes a judgmental comment, then that is not very useful. this is sounding way better in ym head hahah, but I hope your getting what I mean haha

Answer #7

I just wish that if the answer is helpful or not that it gets rated. Like there have been a couple of questions that I have answered and only I have answered and that person doesn’t rate it AT ALL to me, that is really frustrating. Not even a darn thank you. Sometimes I even do some searching to find answers for people, and still nothing. If I ask a question I rate the answers, and if I stumble across an answer that is plain ridicilous I rate it as well.

Answer #8

sometimes the truth can hurt…and most people are easily offended. I get answers with negative feedback often enough, and I can only think of once or twice when I’ve ever put an answer up that was a total joke, or actually pointless. mind you, I often throw in some cynical humor. but I think that keeps things fresh. most of the questions have been asked a thousand times, so coming up with advice in a witty way is thwe only thing that keeps this site fresh. anyways, good call, I also hate when people give negative feedback on a whim. keep living the dream.

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