What would you rate the excitement of your life from 1 to 10?

Answer #1

Personally? About a 4, lol

Answer #2

Well wat would you rate yesterday?! lol that was exciting! :D

Answer #3

Yesterday was a pretty typical day for me … I deal with situations like that on a regular basis, lol

Answer #4

What happened yesterday?

Answer #5

Well you can look it up on my page if Colleen didn’t delete it all. :)

Answer #6

Depends. On weekdays it’d be around a 4, on the weekend more like an 8.

Answer #7

Ok thanks 4 d reply!

Answer #8

As of now - a 2-3. Being a stay at home mom and wife was great for a while, but im losing my mind from boredom and mundane chores. I’m going back to work Monday though and im starting a new cake decorating job! So as of monday it will be a 8-9!

Answer #9

Ok! Good 4 you!

Answer #10

9 lol

Answer #11

Lol this is so weird because I’ve been looking on-line to see how to get happier. Todayday I would say….. 8.5!!!! =D lol

Answer #12

Ok! Thanks!

Answer #13


Answer #14

3 :(

Answer #15

lol. What bout you!??? lol just curious

Answer #16

I was wondering when somone was gonna ask! 9.5 in general. you could write a book abt my life!

Answer #17

Lily and I had a bit of a “falling out”, but it’s all good now :)

Answer #18

My life is about a 4. It’s not very exciting generally, but I have some days that are.

Answer #19

Ok. Thanks 4 your reply!

Answer #20

I’d say a seven!

Answer #21

Ok! Thanks 4 your reply!

Answer #22

lol that is sooo cool!!!:) lol I would love to write a book lol but… yeah lol :)

Answer #23

When im stuck in my house about 2 when im with my friends its 11 haha :’)

Answer #24

Ok! Sorry ur house is boring u. :)

Answer #25

8.9 that’s what ill give my life :)

Answer #26

Ok dude!

Answer #27

7.5 on the scale..

Answer #28

I’d give my amazing life a 10! Gr8 things happen and horrible things happen but either way it’s EXCITING! ;D

Answer #29

Probably about a 3, my life is great, but it’s quite boring and dull.

Answer #30

Ok cool! Thanks for your reply!

Answer #31

Like your answer dude!

Answer #32

Ok sorry abt that. Thanks for your reply!

Answer #33

I would say six

Answer #34

I would about 9 its great …

Answer #35

The excitement level in my life from 1 to 10 about a 4.

Answer #36

4 or 5 ish. Not all that exciting but not incredibly boring. Found as I have grown up that “really exciting” usually equals “oh crap something is wrong” (Flat tire, car caught fire, friend got his thumb nail ripped off, friends rental burned down). I don’t mean to say all the excitement in my life is bad - buying my house was exciting. Getting my first dirt bike was exciting. It just seems that the majority of “exciting” events in my life so far have also been rather stressful. So overall I like a nice mellow life.

Answer #37

Well as of now.. I’d say like 6 or 7. Since I’m homeschooled :P But I still do plenty of other fun things :)

Answer #38

about an 8 :)

Answer #39

0 if possible.

Answer #40

25 or 26

Answer #41

so your saying your life is boring since your homeschooled? I’m getting homeschooled and I know my life will be great, just think about all the things you can do that schoold kids cant and then go do them!!!!!

Answer #42

I can’t really do anything more then public schoolers do… just sleep in a bit. I’d give that up any day to go to school!

Answer #43

“falling out”? HAHA! :D

Answer #44

Honestly I think being homeschooled is a lot more exciting then just going 2 a noraml school. Just think I wouldn’t b able to go all over the world cus I couldn’t take off school. And we couldn’t keep any animals either. :D

Answer #45

Well I don’t actually go all over the world so its no help to me. And how would being homescholed affect you keeping animals? I could have animals if I was public schooled..

Answer #46

Lucky I wish I could rate mine that high.

Answer #47

But I’m sure u get extra things that I don’t get 4 being homeschooled! :D Plus ur parent r the ppl that r right 4 teaching u everything and u don’t get brain washed by all the kids in ur school as much wen ur homeschooled. :) :D

Answer #48


Answer #49

exactly. but if you are really not enoying being at home talk to your parents about it, they may not listen staight away but you just have to do it slowly and show it to them through your actions, it took me years to finally convince that homeschooling would get my grades up and i’d be happier even though they could see it they thought they knew what was right but you have to show then what is right. :D

Answer #50

None come to mind… and my parents don’t even teach me anything -- I have to learn everything by myself. I’ve talked to them about it but since both of them have had “bad experiences” in school growing up they don’t want me to. Its been YEARS that I’ve wanted to public school and they aren’t going to let me anytime soon --

Answer #51

Try telling them all the pros and cons about school and homeschool and tell them that you need to learn how to deal with problems and other people around you and that you don’t get that homeschooling and tell them how good they turned out even they had a bad experience. I’m sure you’ll think of things and maybe you could go to a private school, I went to one and they are so much better that public, the people are way more friendly and welcoming and there is not much bullying, just a bit of name calling with the little kids and some people who have their personal issues have anger management problems but thats about it. :D

Answer #52

I’ve tried all of that :( They’re just to hard-headed to let me go.. they’re scared of what will happen and such. I’ve told them why I think I should public school (and it was mostly for my grades sake!) and they didn’t buy it one bit. And a private school is out of the question because we don’t have that kind of money. Trust me, I know all of this stuff. I’ve done my research :)

Answer #53

I don’t get parents like that, mine are the same! if a parent can’t see what is best for their child then they shouldn’t be parents. And homeschooling is cheaper so if money is a problem then your probably old enough to get a job! (just a suggestion) I hope I don’t sound too rude :S ,Anyway just pray about it cause only God knows whats best for us :D

Answer #54

And have you ever tried going to school? cause my parents let my try homeschooling for a term to see if it was right for me (it was!) and my mum saw that but my dad still thought he knew what was best! so I had to go back, but now I’ve proven that homeschooling is right for me, so maybe you can get them to let you try going to school? It will never hurt to try new things! :D

Answer #55

I don’t either… Yeah! I mean, I’m not wanting to public school because I just want to get out of the house or anything, I’m doing it because I want to do better in school and I think that would be the think to help me. LOL.. I wouldn’t hahve time for a job :P But thanks for the prayer. I need it! :D

Answer #56

Nope… never been to school in my life :P I’ve asked if maybe I could just TRY for a semester and IF it doesn’t work out then go back but the don’t want me to -__-

Answer #57

Nope… never been to school in my life :P I’ve asked if maybe I could just TRY for a semester and IF it doesn’t work out then go back but the don’t want me to -__-

Answer #58

Keep nagging! (nagging always works-well for me anyway) and just keep talking about it tell them it’s because you want to be the best you can be. Just because they had a bad experience at school doesn’t mean you will!!! Tell them that you have God in your life and that if anyone wants to mess with you then they have to mess with God first! I’m sure that something will work! your welcome! I’ll keep praying for you! :D

Answer #59

Yeah, my parents really HATE nagging with a passion so I’m going to just take it maturly and hopfullt they get the message :D Mhhh.. but I like that last part about God in my life… Thanks Natalie!! :D

Answer #60

Yeah, I understand. Your welcome! :D

Answer #61

Yeah, I understand. Your welcome! :D

Answer #62

I would have to say. 7. :D

Answer #63

Okay not too boring then! :D

Answer #64

well i will rate 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #65

when i get to heaven i’ll tell you ok

Answer #66

Ahahahaha!! Okay! :DD

Answer #67

haha i change my rate people, its a 10, because im living my life to the fullest and thats pretty darn exciting :))

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