Random church question..

Another random thought..
Are woman preachers too?
Like, are they allowed?
Cause all the churches I went to/ know has a dude preachin'.
Idunno, random thought.

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Yes as a child the church I grew up in had a woman pastor and she is still there. Some religions beileve that is taboo but I beileve anyone can stand and preach the word of GOD as long as they have unlimited knowledge of the bible and their heart is where it should be

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Yes, both my pastor and his wife are pastors... well of course he is if he is my pastor. Anyway, I know plenty Spirit Filled pastors who are women. But then again other sects don't allow it.

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a few churches allow female pastors but most don't dew to the sexest views of teh christians

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Most Christian denominations frown on the idea of women as pastors, but a few are open to the idea, especially Mennonites and Quakers.

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Some are.

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I think if GOD calls them to the ministry there just as equal!

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The Anglican church is currently undergoing a schism in part over the issue of allowing women pastors.

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I can think of one... Pastor Melissa Scott.

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Jesus said, there are neither male nor female, but, all are one.. in him.

he only sees a born again believer.. man sees male or female.

he is interested in our spirit and not our gender.

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I think if GOD calls them to the ministry there just as equal!

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