So what do you think about life?

So what do you think about life?
your perspectives.

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I think life can be a b!tch sometimes
but I love my life I wouldn't want to live anyones life
and I make mistakes which helps me become a better
person.You only live once so You might has well Enjoy it
and live it like there is no Tomorow.:)

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LIFE is like a game we need to play in order to have a good and enjoyable stay on planet earth. Life is sometimes unfair. As you go grow and become more matured, you meet people who will b of great influence. Some people are good, some bad and some have funny characters. This world is filled with people with different characters. Life is a race of perseverance, patience love, hope and faith.

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Mine kicks a*s. I am with the love of my life and I have a wonderful (sometimes lol) son. I couldn't ask for much more than that :)
Maby a couple million bucks but you know.

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life is awsome thanks to god and him sending his son

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You only have one.

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life rocks! =D

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"Those who had past sufferings, should be able to live above that. And become a better person. But for those who are weak, they shall remain in the shadows and eternally mourn over themselves, only then will they learn." This quote was written by me. And it's what I think about life. But what I think is the meaning of life is, to live and do whatever we please, in a dignified way, before our time is up. To me, life is a paradise if we choose to live it correctly. We must enjoy it to the fullest before it is taken away. Live with no regrets. And you shall be eternally blissed.

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its like a rollercoaster ride, sometimes you feel happy and sometimes you feel sad =] but everyone should live it =] x

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I h8 it

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