Quit smoking weed, and now I'm having crazy dreams.

Anyone else quit smoking pot, and notice that you start having very vivid dreams? I’ve been straight for about three weeks now, and every night I’m having super colorful, wild dreams. It’s waking me up several times a night. Maybe all those burned out brain cells are coming back, and now I know what they used to do.

Answer #1

yeah happened to me

Answer #2

Try relaxing before you go to sleep. My boyfriend had that problem, but he’s a year clean!!! Yay.

Good for you, I hope you stick to it.

Answer #3

withdrawls dear. dont get back into it. they will go away eventually. I promise. its for the better that you quit.

Answer #4

same here bt they went away aftr a while

Answer #5

I was a daily smoker for about 3.5 years and quit ten days ago. At about the week mark, I had wild, vivid dreams (for example, in one I was directing a movie, and the dream consisted of the ENTIRE movie - no joke). It then happened a second night in a row, so I started to get curious. The third night, it happened again, so I thought something might be up so what do I do? I google it! Of course, this is one of the first threads I found, and it’s good to see that others have made the link between marijuana withdrawal and vivid dreams. I don’t know what the psychological or physical explanation is (and wouldn’t trust anything I read on the internet anyway), but I view it as a positive development in my life. Dreams must serve some purpose, right? And now I’m having them again. I guess I never noticed they were gone until they came back. All I know is that it’s got to be good that they’re back and I take it as further evidence (if I didn’t have enough already) that I can’t go back to daily smoking ever again.

Answer #6

Like everything else, each one’s circumstances is different. For some, pot is no more addictive than eating cookies, for others it may as well be crack. Yes it’s not physically addicting. As someone else mentioned, it is habit forming which is a term not to be taken lightly in itself. Just my personal experience.. smoked every day since the age of 14 and at 32 after repeated attempts, finally WEANED myself off. It was not easy.. insomnia, terrible mood swings, rages, depression, I don’t know that I ever felt a roller coaster of emotion like that. Anyway, that’s just me though and after 3+ weeks of not smoking, I feel awakened… and yes my dreams have been super vivid lately.
However, my situation is different from everyone’s. I just think my body chemistry doesn’t mesh well with bud. I have friends who smoke every day and you would never tell when they are or are not high. I on the other hand would take 2 puffs and may as well been lobotomized. Anyway, for those that felt you had to stop.. good for you for knowing yourself enough to know what you had to do.

Answer #7

congrats, I think you should stay clean, not only do you loose brain cells but you loose little swimmers also. Don’t know if you ever want to be a father but this would not be good for your future if you do.

Answer #8

wow, I thought I was the only one until I googled the topic. yep I must say I’ve been clean for about 4 weeks and for the past 2 weeks I’ve been having very colorful dreams. it was the first time I’ve ever really SMELLED anything my dreams. even tho it was pot, it was the best smelling pot I’ve ever smelled haha. the crazy thing about it tho is that every dream I’ve had for the past 2 weeks have been related to weed…lol

Answer #9

Yep… I had heard from friends who quit say they dreams got more vivid and then about 6 weeks ago I quit. My dreams have been CRAZY and it was just yesterday it dawned on me as to why. I hope it doesn’t go away, lol. I love it. And for all you people on here saying pot is bad… whatever. It’s not NEAR as bad as drinking or being an alcoholic. There is NO reason that alcohol is leagal and pot isn’t. Do the research!

Answer #10

Wow some uninformed people in here.

Marijuana is only dangerous if the person who uses it is IRRESPONSIBLE and STUPID. Don’t abuse it and it will do wonders for your life. It has spiritually enlightened me and turned me into a much better person.

User for 20+ years and in better physical and mental condition than the majority of people.

ANYWAY. It’s not WITHDRAWAL like the lady up top said. You do NOT have WITHDRAWAL from Marijuana anyone who is at all educated on the subject knows that. It is not PHYSICALLY addicting although it is habit forming, like anything else can be. I have noticed my dreams are more vivid the less I smoke, and that is because Marijuana effects SEROTONIN in your brain. Serotonin effects sleep and dreams. When you stop smoking your body produces more Serotonin than usual because the THC in Marijuana no longer is supplying your body with excess serotonin.

Its the same as when you stop taking herbal supplements like 5-htp or are coming off NASTY, HORRIBLE, SSRIs.

Educate yourself people before you spew garbage out like its’s fact and look ignorant in the process.

“Just a stupid pothead”

Answer #11

I read through even more posts here and cannot believe the ignorance.

Marijuana does not kill brain cells. Do you just believe everything the government tells you? Do you ever take the time and maybe do some research yourself and form your own ideas and opinions or do you just repeat what has been said to you. It’s ridiculous. There are studies that show that Marijuana STIMULATES THE GROWTH OF NEW BRAIN CELLS. The study that the government tries to use to prove that it kills brain cells was not done scientifically and was completely bogus. What they did was attach gas masks to monkeys and pumps HUNDREDS OF GRAMS of marijuana smoke into these gas masks WITH NO OXYGEN. THEY SUFFOCATED THE MONKEYS. Guess what happens when you suffocate? Brain cells die.

Man it’s infuriating to see the confidence in which people talk about things they know absolutely nothing about

Answer #12

First of all there is such thing as withdrawl I’ve tried quiting 4 times in the last 4 years and I did face withdrawl a few days prior to quiting… and the dreams you dont even wanna know how effed up my dreams have been the last 6 weeks… my dog died jumping off a cliff in one, I was swimming in a dark lagoon full of sharks in another, plenty of dreams about an apocolypse of some sort, my brother being possessed by the devil, the list goes on and they all feel so real that they really bother me for a few hours after I wake up.

Answer #13

I got the crazy vivid dreams too. I hardly remember my dreams when I smoke but now Im having all these subconcious emotional issues come up that I never really dealt with dealt with. Its time to face ourselves and reality. People who say pot is not a drug are kidding themselves. Im 31 and started every day at age 15. Prolonged use makes you irritable and stupid. People who know you will notice the difference when your sober for a while. No one is immune for ever. people say it dosnt hurt your lungs but common sense would say smoke inhaled and held in for affect is not good. I could have bought a audi our a house by now at these prices. If you make silly mistakes when your high that dont seem like a big deal they could one day cost you big time. If you are married or have people that count on you do consider them. I hear its not physically addictive but its been part of my life for so long I feel like shit with out it. Its not easy but you are we are it.

Answer #14

same here… i smoked weed for over 25yrs every day without fail and now ive stopped (5weeks ago) im having dreams that ive before!!!!!… i no ive dreamt these dreams before because i remember them as i did before..theres nothing new in them but im baffled as to why im having them. The best thing about not smoking is that i have my natural ability to fall asleep without being stoned, it took over 2 weeks of sleep deprivasion to get it back. I too agree with gloriouscannibus its NOT withdrawrall, its habit forming yes, and various drugs effect diferent people in many different ways but cannabis in a natural herb unlike heroin and crack or cocaine. Over the years ive researched so much about the effects and such like so i know it affects the brains natural serrotin and is aslo a mucsle relaxant wich is why many people with multiple sclerosis smoke it. Now im not condoning drug use, its a personal thing and it never did me any harm as im a mother of 4 ( and before any one asks yes i stopped everytime i was trying and NEVER smoked trough my pregancies) and a professional manger in a very large corperate company, ive held my position for many years and have run my own home for nearly 25 years now, so its not low life or down and outs who smoke weed as some small inded people would think….for me it just helped me relax and be less hyper, the reasons i stopped im still not sure of as i miss the feeling it gave me. ive even grown my own (wich was great infact!!) but i feel its time, i didnt really want to be smoking past my 40s…i feel ive enjoyed it for long enough now !. its just the strange randomly odd dreams im having that are slightly freaking me out wich is why i replied to the post in the first place. we are all entitled to our opinions and veiws but yes maybe before people talk with such conviction the need to be in posession of the facts first.

Answer #15

Hahaha, I have a bit of trouble falling asleep but once I do the dreams are intense, I’ve smoked weed very heavily for 4 years now and these dreams feel like extra long movies like I read above, I wasn’t making a movie but it’s wierd I was solving problems like a detective. And yes every dream I have has pot smoking in them but I always put out the j after I realize that its not what I want. Good for me lol.

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